lunedì, novembre 29

New life is coming

 Hello there, what's new? 

Lately my life is really amazing. I just got some good news and I am so proud of myself. I got everything I wanted. I believe is important to have good vibes. Negative ones like negative people are toxic. We all are wonderful. No time to lose, life is once. That's why I want to spend my free time on this blog because I just found an interesting site called Ninacloak. 

Here you can find many collarless plain coat like this one:

I really love it and I would wear it for a date night with a black dress. What do you think about it? Do you agree with me?

This is a black hooded faux fur coat and I like it. Wearing a faux fur is always a good idea. I have been vegan for the last 4 years and I appreciate this kind of coat. On the other hand, it is not so short and you can wear it in winter as well. Maybe it would be better with a nice scarf under it.

But now let's take a look at the clothes: 

Here is a long sleeve temperament V-neck maxi dress. Okay, I know it. I could wear it only with high heels. I am short and I can't wear without it but this is not a problem because I am short. This is not a problem, how about you? 

I love sneakers during the day but I prefer heels during the night. They are always sexy and nice on me. Of course, it is important wear fancy heels and not "party" heels. You know what I mean, I am sure about it!

I am 34 years old and I believe I shouldn't wear mini dress and start wearing clothes like the previous one. I am not a teenager anymore and I am aware of it. The blue one could be a good start, isn't it?

Let's move on and look at one of their women's casual dresses:

This is a boat neck plain bodycon dress. I want to add: not to short and not to long. Here is a perfect length. I think the clothes that come just above the knee are the best. This one is awesome and I would wear it. It could be a nice idea for a job interview but that lace isn't a good choice. Maybe it is better for a date, perfect with the first coat I posted. 

Which one is your favourite?

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lunedì, novembre 8

Mum & me

Hello there! How is it going? 

Today I have one amazing news: finally, I passed my last exam and I am so proud of me. Lately I hadn't no time for me and for this blog. All my energy was on this exam, and I got 30 out of 30. Unbelievable. 

It was physical chemistry II and it was oral but this one was in two parts, therefore 2 exams, So hard but so interesting! I believe I could start my internship about this topic, but I should talk to my professor in order to have more details about it. 

Honestly, I would like to start it abroad. In Munich would be amazing and I can't wait! On the other hand, I want to keep writing on this blog and I need to have some time for me. Lately, I wanted to go shopping but no time, so I started to looking for some new outfits. I am not getting a baby but I think these family matching outfits are amazing! Aren't they?

I know, some of you don't like these kinds of outfits but I am pretty sure I can find something perfect for you. How about this one? 

It is made of velvet and perfect for next Christmas. It could be a cute gift for my best friend. Her daughter looks like the girl in this picture. A little angel with blue eyes and blondie. She is so cute and she loves Christmas. I believe I could save this one on my personal wish-list. What are you waiting for?

This coat seems to be so soft and awesome. Flannel is a good choice especially during this season. Milan is still not so cold; therefore we could wear it. Mum and girl in pink. They are so cute and sweet. I really love this colour even though I have only few things in my closet. 

I know, I posted only girl outfits, therefore it is necessary to add some for boys too. How about this one? Hoodie and pants for staying at home but also perfect when you want to go for a stroll outside. I don’t like sportwear, but I believe this one is really cute because of Little Boss" on it. Isn't it?

Let me know in a comment below which one is your favourite and don't forget to check out Black Friday mummy and me outfits as well!


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