mercoledì, ottobre 20

Cargo pants

Hello there, how is it going? 

I am pretty overwhelmed these days. I am trying to study Organic Chemistry part II but it seems to be harder than I thought. 

I am in the final phase of my study, 4 to go. To be honest, I am tired of reading this book, therefore I need to think about something else. I believe the best choice is thinking about something fun, isn't it?

 How about new holidays? Which country are open for travel & tourism? 

I completed my vaccination last August and I am proud of it. Now I am fully vaccinated so I don't have to be quarantined but just showing all my documents at the airport, although I have no idea where. It would be interesting a trip close to Milan with some friends. There are Alps and amazing view near my home but there are problems about clothes. 

Some of them don't have anything in their closet. I am here to make a wish-list for one of them. Let's start with some pics about mens tactical clothing:

I would like to start with this one. This is a all-terrain versatile tactical jacket. Its length is regular, woven fabric and abrasion resistant. You can wear it during Autumn, Winter and Spring. It is too heavy for Summer. 

I believe it is important to buy something specific to every season. Don't wear a long jacket during Summer like I did years ago. Don't forget to check out the characteristics of each jacket on Wayrates website. 

Here is another interesting jacket. It is windproof and rainproof. The weather in the mountains changes quickly and you must wear proper clothes. 

It could happen to have a sunny day and then, outer of nowhere, a rainy hour. I am sure this is a perfect jacket for you!

And now we could look for some tactical cargo pants together. How about these ones?

Aren't they nice? I believe you could wear them during a stroll as well. Sometimes mountain clothes aren't nice but on this website you can buy really nice clothes. They don't look like mountain pants. 

Cargo pants are so fashionable lately. I saw them during our last fashion week in Milan and men wear them during party as well. It could be strange but I believe they are nice with a T-shirt or just with sport clothes as well. 

Do you agree with me or do you prefer skinny jeans? Anyway, I want to point out that, these are suitable for every season. You can find them in green, khaki, black or gray. My favourite ones are black and khaki. My taste about colour is normal but I am sure you can find the best for you. 

Are you going to the mountains this weekend? 
Let me know in a comment down below