venerdì, settembre 3

My goal

Hey guys, what's up? 

Last week I went to Munich and it was amazing. I had fun, I visited this city and I laughed a lot. It seemed to be so safe in comparison to Milan even during the night. 

I walked alone in Milan around at 10 p.m. and guys, I was so scared of people around me. Well, I was near the central station and this is an awful area in so many cities but I tried to walk as fast as possible in order to take the underground and come back home. 

Anyway, I believe Munich could become my favorite city in Europe. Do you wanna know my list? Here we are: 1) Munich, 2) Utrecht and 3) Harlem. Have I ever talked about my journeys in Europe on this blog? It would be pretty interesting. There are so many funny story to tell. Maybe, I will but in another post. Let's talk about something different. 

Yesterday I went out with my friend because I wanted to tell her about my last trip. Before that, I want to tell you how I met her. We were studying in the same university around 10 years ago. She is amazing, a good girl and pretty funny. She was really skinny during our studies and now she doesn't like her body anymore. There is a reason for that: she is pregnant. I believe it is normal to get fat during pregnancy and I want to help her to be sexy again. She told me she bought a amazing dress but it seems to be too tight for her, therefore I want to suggest her to try a full body shapewear like this one:

This is a open crotch lace full body shapewear in black made by DuraFits. I chose this one because her dress is black and it is transparent and so sexy. I believe it could be a great gift for her. I am sure she will love it! 

You can wear it under black dresses and not under white ones. Do you agree with me? How bad is it when you can see the underwear under the dress? White dress and then black underwear, really? Everyone could see it and it wouldn't be fancy. 

On DuraFits's website you can buy plus size shapewear as well like this one:

It is a plus size one but if you look at the website, you can see there is a XS/S size as well so no problem my little girl. You can buy your size and wear it under your favorite dress. Maybe it is better under a bright one or at least white one. What do you think about it? Isn't it a good idea? 

How about this one? You can use your own bra and then wear it under your favorite t-shirt. I always talked about dresses but it it pretty clear you can wear these products under everything you want. Personally I would wear it under jeans. There are some many skinny jeans in my closet but I don't wear it because they are too tight. I think these body shaper shorts would be perfect for me even if I am not a plus-size girl. Every woman should be comfortable with her body but thank God there are so many products that you can use to feel it. 

What do you think about these ones? Let me know in a comment down below