giovedì, agosto 5

Top 6 plus size wedding guests dresses for you

Hello friends! What's up? 

Today is Thursday and I am going to get my second vaccine tomorrow afternoon. I am pretty scared of it because it is the second one. Some friends got flu for one or two days because of it. That's the reason why, I just bought some Paracetamol, ice for my arm and food. I believe I will go to the vaccination center on foot and then I will stay at home until Sunday in order to relax, so finger crossed for me! 

Therefore, let's talk about something else. I published a post about wedding dresses two days ago but I forgot to write something about plus size wedding guest dresses. I am pretty sure it is important to create a wish-list about that. 

We are living in 2021, we are all so different, our bodies are different, some skinny and some curvy but everyone is sexy and beautiful. 

Due to this, I want to show you some cute dresses like this one:

This is a plus size long sleeveless dress and I love it! Its shape is not so tight and you can wear it even if you are curvy. I believe tight dress are not a good idea during weddings. We should have fun and not think about uncomfortable dresses or shoes. So let's dance and feel comfy! 

How about this one? 

This is a plus size empire dress and I think it is a good idea for evening. Better for evening wedding. 
Some friends of mine prefer getting married after 6 p.m. and I agree with them. Lights, moon, parents and friends can make everything so romantic. 

Its neckline is perfect for each type of body you don't have to have a big breast to wear it. This dress is not too revealing and it could be amazing for church wedding but not so sexy and vulgar. 

We are talking about plus size dress but are you looking for some 
cheap plus size wedding dresses as well? Have a look here:

Do you like it? If you click on the picture, you can read the description and it is like "bridesmaid dress" but I believe it could be a good idea even for wedding. 

If I would be plus size, I wear it during my wedding. This dress is simple, romantic, and sexy. I am fond of women shoulders, and I love them. This kind of dress is my favorite. You can be so sexy but sweet and cute at the same time. 

If you are looking for wedding guest dresses 2021, don't forget to save 
this picture on your phone or computer:

This is a lace bodice cap sleeve bridesmaid dress and when I saw it, I fell in love. The colour is awesome, I love the bodice and I believe it can make this dress so romantic. You could wear it with any type of bra but it is better to wear a strapless bra because your back will be nude. Having strap bra wouldn't be elegant. 

Which dress do you like the most? I have no doubts, the last one!