giovedì, luglio 1

What's new?

Hi friends, how is it going? 

Last Sunday I got my first dose of vaccine. It was a Pfizer one, I got it in the afternoon and I was so scared but happy at the same time. 

Have you already got yours? What do you think about it? This was my positive news but the negative one is referred to my Apple Watch. It is currently broken and I want to buy another one and wear it with some dresses. 

What if I write a post about iced out watches and accessories? 

Okay, I know. This is for men but hey, I could wear it anyway. It seems a unisex product and I am pretty sure I will like it. It is in white gold and it has some removing links. 

This watch is so bright. What if I wear it with a short black dress? I guess it is better not to wear colorful dresses with this one. Uniform colors are a good choice. I love playing with dresses and accessories but sometimes it is so hard. 

I am pretty sure some of you don't wear watches but I know you love chains. We are talking about men accessories so let's take a look at these mens chains

This is a stainless steel chain, it is a gold one, seems so nice and not so heavy. What do you think about it? Do you like this kind of accessory? Is it too much for your boyfriend?

I don't want to be unpopular but I have a similar chain and I wore it with a white dress and white shoes last summer. It was amazing. 

Yeah, I know. Also with a black one would be perfect but we can't always wear black, right? 

Hey guys, I found another interesting accessory! But it will be my next gift me, not your boyfriend's/husband's. Here we have an iced lightning ring. 

I am fond of this kind of rings because I love its shape and its brightness. This time I would wear it with a long pink dress. I bought it last week and it would be amazing with it! Well done!

Which accessory do you like most? Let me know in a comment below