lunedì, luglio 19


Hey girls, what's new there? In Italy it has 32°C and I am sweating all the time but finally, I am going to the swimming pool tomorrow. 

This morning I had my last exam at the university and I really need to think about something else. It is Monday and I have an great news for you: my bestfriends is getting a baby and I am so proud of her. This is her second child and I can't wait. It will be a baby girl, I don't know her future name but I am pretty sure it will be amazing. In this post I wanna show you some cheap kids clothes because I believe you will like them from this interesting site:

So let's get started with my personal wishlist about mommy and me matching outfits:

Here we have a halter flower printed mom girl matching. Do you like it? I choose this summer dress with some decorations on the bottom. This dress is not so tight and I think it is a nice one in order to hide "something" (don't like your body anymore? It is okay during pregnancy but don't forget you are always amazing!). 

I believe it is so romantic and perfect for my best friend. Actually, I could wear it everyday but I am hopeless! How about you?

Do we wanna talk about this one? Isn't it amazing? It is a pink mesh mum girl matching dress and I am quite sure you like it too. This dress seems to be perfect for a party. I could wear it during a spring party near the sea or in town as well. Can't imagine me and my future baby girl. Will it happen in my life? I really don't know but sometimes I dream about it. 

Do you like my wishlist? 
Which one is your favorite? 
Are you romantic or are you a pink lady?

Please let me know in a comment down below