martedì, giugno 22

All about men

Hello girls, how is it going? I just realized that summer has started. Summer means sun and sun means wedding, do you agree with me? I am pretty sure you are thinking about holidays, friends, love and so on but summer means weddings too. 

I have always talked about brides dresses or prom dresses but never about men dresses. How is it possible? Therefore, today I wanna show you some amazing suits on 

Men suits are amazing here. You can find different colors, different materials and different sizes but sometimes men don't want to go shopping. Sometimes they need just a cute dress and shopping online is always a good idea. What do you think about this one?

It is one of their prom suit. It is nice and dark blue. It is made of polyester, its shape is regular and slim. Honestly, I believe you can wear it for a wedding too. Do you agree with me? Don't you?

If not, you could wear it for the wedding party. I just image a wedding near the sea with an amazing white suit for him and after that a new look. In my humble opinion, men have to be handsome during the night as well. Therefore, this one could be a great suit even if it is just a prom one but it will be a secret, right?

But here we have some wedding suits. There are so many suits on their site and I just chose these ones for you:

As i wrote above, men shouldn't wear only dark dresses but light too. What di you think about this one? Isn't it so nice? I love it and I believe you could wear it if you have blonde hair and if you have brown hair. 

I am fond of this kind of suits because you have a bright jacket and dark pants. Maybe it is better to wear dark shoes in order to have uniform color. 

Which is your favorite suit? The first one or the second one?


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