lunedì, maggio 24

I am all set

Here it is raining but honestly, I feel like summer. How about short dresses and heels? Happy hour near the sea with friends. Yesterday was a great Sunday, a sunny one and I wore a t-shirt and I had a pony tail but now men, I am wearing my favorite hoodie. 

What's up with this weather? It is May 2021 and I am about to wear a coat, again. Wait a second, my neighbour is listening to some summer music. Why now? 

This thing makes me think of summer and hot days but I really need to change my lifestyle. I always have brown hair but sometimes I really want to try new colors but I am afraid or kind of. 

What about if buy some wigs on Uniwigs?  

I believe this is a good way to start. What am I talking about? This is a wave wrap synthetic ponytail extension and it is perfect if you don't want to change your hairstyle. Completely. 

You can add it on your hair and then remove it when you come back home. If you are a doubtful girl, it is a great idea. The price is really low and you can change this wig every day. 

The last one is a synthetic wig but you can find human hair wigs too:

I have always loved balayage but I don't dare to make it. This blonde balayage seems so natural and it is. This wig is made of human hair and I am fond of beach waves. I am aware they are hard to make them but it is simpler with this wig, isn't it? 

Are you fan of brown hair or blonde hair? If you prefer the second one, look at this picture:

These are not human hair wigs but human hair extensions. If you have brown hair and you want to wear some extensions, they are perfect for you! This Tania clip hair includes five pieces. They can add volume at the roots. 

If you have thin hair, I believe it is amazing. A friend of mine didn't like her hair because they are thin and brittle. Unfortunately, she was always worried about her look. No volume means no hair but is it really true? I am not so sure, guys!

What if I am blonde and I want to wear these extensions anyway? Don't do it! Buy them only if you have brown hair because I don't like matching colors. 

Actually, I like it. I was lying! It is so fun to play with colors and spend some time to create new hairstyles. 

Do you agree with me? 
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