giovedì, aprile 29

Have you already bought your new shoes?


Hi guys, how are you? These months has been so hard but I believe it's normal. We are living in a weird situation because of Corona pandemic. I want to think about something else and I am pretty sure you too. Summer is so close and we should hang out with our friends. Waiting for better days, what about these amazing heels sandals?

I would wear this leather and open toes shoes with a wide white dress. I bought it a couple of months ago and I believe it would be perfect. A nice evening, the sunset in the background, a beer in my hand and my best friend. My life has been changed and I need to talk to someone. A friend is a good idea, isn'it it?

What about a brown belt and a white bag? Do you think they could fit to these shoes?

I know some of you are thinking of a romantic evening after the pandemic. If you are engaged, it is normal. Don't worry. Everyone is waiting for a perfect night with their boyfriend but we should wear another kind of shoes. Take a look at these ones:

They are a pair of sexy sandals and you can't imagine how many times I have dreamed of theses shoes. Just imagine them with a black dress, maybe a short one, your makeup is perfect, you are so sexy and you are hanging out with your boyfriend. What about a dinner in your favorite restaurant? Aren't they perfect?

Gold shoes for gold bag. Don't forget to match them. 

And now it's their turn: gladiator sandals because I know some of you prefer comfortable shoes to sexy ones. 

Normal shoes for normal days but colorful ones. I believe it's important to play with colors during the day. Green, yellow and orange seems to be amazing in Spring. You could match these sandals with skinny jeans or yellow dress. If you choose the second option, don't forget to wear a colorful necklace. Maybe a gold one but not a silver one. 

Now it's your turn: which one is your favorite? Let me know with a comment below