lunedì, novembre 29

New life is coming

 Hello there, what's new? 

Lately my life is really amazing. I just got some good news and I am so proud of myself. I got everything I wanted. I believe is important to have good vibes. Negative ones like negative people are toxic. We all are wonderful. No time to lose, life is once. That's why I want to spend my free time on this blog because I just found an interesting site called Ninacloak. 

Here you can find many collarless plain coat like this one:

I really love it and I would wear it for a date night with a black dress. What do you think about it? Do you agree with me?

This is a black hooded faux fur coat and I like it. Wearing a faux fur is always a good idea. I have been vegan for the last 4 years and I appreciate this kind of coat. On the other hand, it is not so short and you can wear it in winter as well. Maybe it would be better with a nice scarf under it.

But now let's take a look at the clothes: 

Here is a long sleeve temperament V-neck maxi dress. Okay, I know it. I could wear it only with high heels. I am short and I can't wear without it but this is not a problem because I am short. This is not a problem, how about you? 

I love sneakers during the day but I prefer heels during the night. They are always sexy and nice on me. Of course, it is important wear fancy heels and not "party" heels. You know what I mean, I am sure about it!

I am 34 years old and I believe I shouldn't wear mini dress and start wearing clothes like the previous one. I am not a teenager anymore and I am aware of it. The blue one could be a good start, isn't it?

Let's move on and look at one of their women's casual dresses:

This is a boat neck plain bodycon dress. I want to add: not to short and not to long. Here is a perfect length. I think the clothes that come just above the knee are the best. This one is awesome and I would wear it. It could be a nice idea for a job interview but that lace isn't a good choice. Maybe it is better for a date, perfect with the first coat I posted. 

Which one is your favourite?

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lunedì, novembre 8

Mum & me

Hello there! How is it going? 

Today I have one amazing news: finally, I passed my last exam and I am so proud of me. Lately I hadn't no time for me and for this blog. All my energy was on this exam, and I got 30 out of 30. Unbelievable. 

It was physical chemistry II and it was oral but this one was in two parts, therefore 2 exams, So hard but so interesting! I believe I could start my internship about this topic, but I should talk to my professor in order to have more details about it. 

Honestly, I would like to start it abroad. In Munich would be amazing and I can't wait! On the other hand, I want to keep writing on this blog and I need to have some time for me. Lately, I wanted to go shopping but no time, so I started to looking for some new outfits. I am not getting a baby but I think these family matching outfits are amazing! Aren't they?

I know, some of you don't like these kinds of outfits but I am pretty sure I can find something perfect for you. How about this one? 

It is made of velvet and perfect for next Christmas. It could be a cute gift for my best friend. Her daughter looks like the girl in this picture. A little angel with blue eyes and blondie. She is so cute and she loves Christmas. I believe I could save this one on my personal wish-list. What are you waiting for?

This coat seems to be so soft and awesome. Flannel is a good choice especially during this season. Milan is still not so cold; therefore we could wear it. Mum and girl in pink. They are so cute and sweet. I really love this colour even though I have only few things in my closet. 

I know, I posted only girl outfits, therefore it is necessary to add some for boys too. How about this one? Hoodie and pants for staying at home but also perfect when you want to go for a stroll outside. I don’t like sportwear, but I believe this one is really cute because of Little Boss" on it. Isn't it?

Let me know in a comment below which one is your favourite and don't forget to check out Black Friday mummy and me outfits as well!


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martedì, ottobre 26

Summer vibes or not?

 Hi guys, what's new? 

Today is a sunny day. I was walking down the city and I thought about my outfit. I was wearing a t-shirt and no coat. Obviously, I was freezing. Do you really want to know what my problem is? 

I just came back home and I realized I don't know what to wear. It is cold during the morning but then the temperature is around 18°C. Therefore, it is a problem because I have to change my summer clothes to my fall clothes. 

We could start a cute fall wish-list together:

I believe this is my favorite ethnic coat ever. This is a floral print jacker and I really love its color because it makes me think about sky and some light blue clouds even though there are flowers on it. Isn't it awesome? Usually, I am not fond of floral pattern but this one is in my wish-list. 

As you can see, it has a colourful pattern on its sleeves, but I would wear it only with a black t-shirt or a white one. I think it is not a good idea to wear it with other colors. 

Do you agree with me or do you prefer playing with colors? If so, which ones?

What do you think about this floral maxi flowy dress? Yes, I am aware that we are in Autumn but I was looking for another coat in order to create a cute wish-list and I found this amazing dress. To be honest, I would wear this one even during this month. Do you want to know why? The weather is still amazing in Milan and I love it. Today it has 18°C and I am just wearing a light coat and not a heavy one. 

I would wear this floral dress with my coat and my favourite boots. It would be a great idea, isn't it? Maybe it would be better to wear boots and bag of the same color. Same brown, I meant. I don't like when we wear too many different shades. Do you agree with me? what kind of bag would you wear?

If you are looking some shoes, I am pretty sure you could find nice cowboy boots like these ones:

I would wear it with a summer dress. Maybe just a white one because I think a black one wouldn't be a good choice. Do you like black and white together? I am not keen on this match. It is too weird for me.

I prefer all black or all white but with bags or necklaces. Brown leather bags would be my next choice. In the pic below you can find my favourite one during summer and during my university life. I love huge bags because I need to have my iPad always with me. Sometimes it is necessary to have books as well, therefore this one would be the best one. It is made of leather and I like it.  

I love playing with accessories but not with shoes. Yeah, some friends of mine think I am boring but I believe I am just normal and not crazy like them. I wouldn't wear a pair of pink shoes and so on. Are you like me? 

Do you prefer summer or fall clothes? 

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mercoledì, ottobre 20

Cargo pants

Hello there, how is it going? 

I am pretty overwhelmed these days. I am trying to study Organic Chemistry part II but it seems to be harder than I thought. 

I am in the final phase of my study, 4 to go. To be honest, I am tired of reading this book, therefore I need to think about something else. I believe the best choice is thinking about something fun, isn't it?

 How about new holidays? Which country are open for travel & tourism? 

I completed my vaccination last August and I am proud of it. Now I am fully vaccinated so I don't have to be quarantined but just showing all my documents at the airport, although I have no idea where. It would be interesting a trip close to Milan with some friends. There are Alps and amazing view near my home but there are problems about clothes. 

Some of them don't have anything in their closet. I am here to make a wish-list for one of them. Let's start with some pics about mens tactical clothing:

I would like to start with this one. This is a all-terrain versatile tactical jacket. Its length is regular, woven fabric and abrasion resistant. You can wear it during Autumn, Winter and Spring. It is too heavy for Summer. 

I believe it is important to buy something specific to every season. Don't wear a long jacket during Summer like I did years ago. Don't forget to check out the characteristics of each jacket on Wayrates website. 

Here is another interesting jacket. It is windproof and rainproof. The weather in the mountains changes quickly and you must wear proper clothes. 

It could happen to have a sunny day and then, outer of nowhere, a rainy hour. I am sure this is a perfect jacket for you!

And now we could look for some tactical cargo pants together. How about these ones?

Aren't they nice? I believe you could wear them during a stroll as well. Sometimes mountain clothes aren't nice but on this website you can buy really nice clothes. They don't look like mountain pants. 

Cargo pants are so fashionable lately. I saw them during our last fashion week in Milan and men wear them during party as well. It could be strange but I believe they are nice with a T-shirt or just with sport clothes as well. 

Do you agree with me or do you prefer skinny jeans? Anyway, I want to point out that, these are suitable for every season. You can find them in green, khaki, black or gray. My favourite ones are black and khaki. My taste about colour is normal but I am sure you can find the best for you. 

Are you going to the mountains this weekend? 
Let me know in a comment down below

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venerdì, settembre 3

My goal

Hey guys, what's up? 

Last week I went to Munich and it was amazing. I had fun, I visited this city and I laughed a lot. It seemed to be so safe in comparison to Milan even during the night. 

I walked alone in Milan around at 10 p.m. and guys, I was so scared of people around me. Well, I was near the central station and this is an awful area in so many cities but I tried to walk as fast as possible in order to take the underground and come back home. 

Anyway, I believe Munich could become my favorite city in Europe. Do you wanna know my list? Here we are: 1) Munich, 2) Utrecht and 3) Harlem. Have I ever talked about my journeys in Europe on this blog? It would be pretty interesting. There are so many funny story to tell. Maybe, I will but in another post. Let's talk about something different. 

Yesterday I went out with my friend because I wanted to tell her about my last trip. Before that, I want to tell you how I met her. We were studying in the same university around 10 years ago. She is amazing, a good girl and pretty funny. She was really skinny during our studies and now she doesn't like her body anymore. There is a reason for that: she is pregnant. I believe it is normal to get fat during pregnancy and I want to help her to be sexy again. She told me she bought a amazing dress but it seems to be too tight for her, therefore I want to suggest her to try a full body shapewear like this one:

This is a open crotch lace full body shapewear in black made by DuraFits. I chose this one because her dress is black and it is transparent and so sexy. I believe it could be a great gift for her. I am sure she will love it! 

You can wear it under black dresses and not under white ones. Do you agree with me? How bad is it when you can see the underwear under the dress? White dress and then black underwear, really? Everyone could see it and it wouldn't be fancy. 

On DuraFits's website you can buy plus size shapewear as well like this one:

It is a plus size one but if you look at the website, you can see there is a XS/S size as well so no problem my little girl. You can buy your size and wear it under your favorite dress. Maybe it is better under a bright one or at least white one. What do you think about it? Isn't it a good idea? 

How about this one? You can use your own bra and then wear it under your favorite t-shirt. I always talked about dresses but it it pretty clear you can wear these products under everything you want. Personally I would wear it under jeans. There are some many skinny jeans in my closet but I don't wear it because they are too tight. I think these body shaper shorts would be perfect for me even if I am not a plus-size girl. Every woman should be comfortable with her body but thank God there are so many products that you can use to feel it. 

What do you think about these ones? Let me know in a comment down below
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giovedì, agosto 5

Top 6 plus size wedding guests dresses for you

Hello friends! What's up? 

Today is Thursday and I am going to get my second vaccine tomorrow afternoon. I am pretty scared of it because it is the second one. Some friends got flu for one or two days because of it. That's the reason why, I just bought some Paracetamol, ice for my arm and food. I believe I will go to the vaccination center on foot and then I will stay at home until Sunday in order to relax, so finger crossed for me! 

Therefore, let's talk about something else. I published a post about wedding dresses two days ago but I forgot to write something about plus size wedding guest dresses. I am pretty sure it is important to create a wish-list about that. 

We are living in 2021, we are all so different, our bodies are different, some skinny and some curvy but everyone is sexy and beautiful. 

Due to this, I want to show you some cute dresses like this one:

This is a plus size long sleeveless dress and I love it! Its shape is not so tight and you can wear it even if you are curvy. I believe tight dress are not a good idea during weddings. We should have fun and not think about uncomfortable dresses or shoes. So let's dance and feel comfy! 

How about this one? 

This is a plus size empire dress and I think it is a good idea for evening. Better for evening wedding. 
Some friends of mine prefer getting married after 6 p.m. and I agree with them. Lights, moon, parents and friends can make everything so romantic. 

Its neckline is perfect for each type of body you don't have to have a big breast to wear it. This dress is not too revealing and it could be amazing for church wedding but not so sexy and vulgar. 

We are talking about plus size dress but are you looking for some 
cheap plus size wedding dresses as well? Have a look here:

Do you like it? If you click on the picture, you can read the description and it is like "bridesmaid dress" but I believe it could be a good idea even for wedding. 

If I would be plus size, I wear it during my wedding. This dress is simple, romantic, and sexy. I am fond of women shoulders, and I love them. This kind of dress is my favorite. You can be so sexy but sweet and cute at the same time. 

If you are looking for wedding guest dresses 2021, don't forget to save 
this picture on your phone or computer:

This is a lace bodice cap sleeve bridesmaid dress and when I saw it, I fell in love. The colour is awesome, I love the bodice and I believe it can make this dress so romantic. You could wear it with any type of bra but it is better to wear a strapless bra because your back will be nude. Having strap bra wouldn't be elegant. 

Which dress do you like the most? I have no doubts, the last one!
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martedì, agosto 3

Where to buy the best black wedding dresses online

Hello there! How is it going? Have you ever been to Italy? 

Tha pandemic situation has been so weird during the last months. I was pretty afraid of it. We had lockdown but now the situation is getting better. We still have some infections but the number is low or kind of. Unfortunately, some teenagers are not vaccinated and this is the problem. Delta Corona is so aggressive. Th government decided to allow dinner outside only with Green Pass. It means full vaccination proof or a negative Corona test. 

I am going to get my second vaccine in 3 days and I am so happy about it. The first one was light, I had light flu and muscles pain but I know the second one will be heavier. I just bought Paracetamol because that's the only drug I can get. I am sure I will be fine and thanks to my vaccine, it will be easier to go to weddings or to graduation parties planned next month. 

I believe this is the only way to get over this pandemic but I have no idea what the situation is like in your country. In reference to this topic, I want to show you some interesting black wedding dresses:

What do you think about this kind of dress? I am aware It is black and someone could be disappointed but man, we are in 2021 and not in 1950. World is changing. Do you like it? 

As soon I opened this site, I fell in love with this one. Here you can see a sweetheart strapless bodycon fishtail black dress. I believe sweetheart is my favorite one. It is so sexy and you can wear this kind of dress even if you don't have much breast but don't forget to wear a proper pushup, better in black colour so it will be transparent under this dress. How about accessories? I am pretty sure, I would choose a black or a silver bag. And how about this one? 

It is a gothic wedding dress, so different from the previous one. I wanted to post it because I know there are so many women fall in love with this style. What do you think about it? The picture speaks for itself and I love it. 

Last two dresses are around $67 but now I would like to show you some cheap wedding dresses:

I chose this one because it is so nice. I could wear it in my next wedding. No, I am not planning on getting married but I love looking for dresses and this one is amazing! 

I am not fond of wide dresses and I think this one is a perfect combination. 

It is romantic, a bit tight with some pailettes on it and with lace body. I would wear it and I am pretty sure it is perfect even for evening wedding party. 

That day should be perfect and it is important to wear a comnfortable dress in order to enjoy your wedding. 

What do you like most? A romantic dress or a sexy one? Also mermaid wedding dresses are so nice!

It is up to you but have a look at this one:

How about long sleeve wedding dresses
Let me know in a comment below


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lunedì, luglio 19


Hey girls, what's new there? In Italy it has 32°C and I am sweating all the time but finally, I am going to the swimming pool tomorrow. 

This morning I had my last exam at the university and I really need to think about something else. It is Monday and I have an great news for you: my bestfriends is getting a baby and I am so proud of her. This is her second child and I can't wait. It will be a baby girl, I don't know her future name but I am pretty sure it will be amazing. In this post I wanna show you some cheap kids clothes because I believe you will like them from this interesting site:

So let's get started with my personal wishlist about mommy and me matching outfits:

Here we have a halter flower printed mom girl matching. Do you like it? I choose this summer dress with some decorations on the bottom. This dress is not so tight and I think it is a nice one in order to hide "something" (don't like your body anymore? It is okay during pregnancy but don't forget you are always amazing!). 

I believe it is so romantic and perfect for my best friend. Actually, I could wear it everyday but I am hopeless! How about you?

Do we wanna talk about this one? Isn't it amazing? It is a pink mesh mum girl matching dress and I am quite sure you like it too. This dress seems to be perfect for a party. I could wear it during a spring party near the sea or in town as well. Can't imagine me and my future baby girl. Will it happen in my life? I really don't know but sometimes I dream about it. 

Do you like my wishlist? 
Which one is your favorite? 
Are you romantic or are you a pink lady?

Please let me know in a comment down below


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giovedì, luglio 1

What's new?

Hi friends, how is it going? 

Last Sunday I got my first dose of vaccine. It was a Pfizer one, I got it in the afternoon and I was so scared but happy at the same time. 

Have you already got yours? What do you think about it? This was my positive news but the negative one is referred to my Apple Watch. It is currently broken and I want to buy another one and wear it with some dresses. 

What if I write a post about iced out watches and accessories? 

Okay, I know. This is for men but hey, I could wear it anyway. It seems a unisex product and I am pretty sure I will like it. It is in white gold and it has some removing links. 

This watch is so bright. What if I wear it with a short black dress? I guess it is better not to wear colorful dresses with this one. Uniform colors are a good choice. I love playing with dresses and accessories but sometimes it is so hard. 

I am pretty sure some of you don't wear watches but I know you love chains. We are talking about men accessories so let's take a look at these mens chains

This is a stainless steel chain, it is a gold one, seems so nice and not so heavy. What do you think about it? Do you like this kind of accessory? Is it too much for your boyfriend?

I don't want to be unpopular but I have a similar chain and I wore it with a white dress and white shoes last summer. It was amazing. 

Yeah, I know. Also with a black one would be perfect but we can't always wear black, right? 

Hey guys, I found another interesting accessory! But it will be my next gift me, not your boyfriend's/husband's. Here we have an iced lightning ring. 

I am fond of this kind of rings because I love its shape and its brightness. This time I would wear it with a long pink dress. I bought it last week and it would be amazing with it! Well done!

Which accessory do you like most? Let me know in a comment below

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martedì, giugno 22

All about men

Hello girls, how is it going? I just realized that summer has started. Summer means sun and sun means wedding, do you agree with me? I am pretty sure you are thinking about holidays, friends, love and so on but summer means weddings too. 

I have always talked about brides dresses or prom dresses but never about men dresses. How is it possible? Therefore, today I wanna show you some amazing suits on 

Men suits are amazing here. You can find different colors, different materials and different sizes but sometimes men don't want to go shopping. Sometimes they need just a cute dress and shopping online is always a good idea. What do you think about this one?

It is one of their prom suit. It is nice and dark blue. It is made of polyester, its shape is regular and slim. Honestly, I believe you can wear it for a wedding too. Do you agree with me? Don't you?

If not, you could wear it for the wedding party. I just image a wedding near the sea with an amazing white suit for him and after that a new look. In my humble opinion, men have to be handsome during the night as well. Therefore, this one could be a great suit even if it is just a prom one but it will be a secret, right?

But here we have some wedding suits. There are so many suits on their site and I just chose these ones for you:

As i wrote above, men shouldn't wear only dark dresses but light too. What di you think about this one? Isn't it so nice? I love it and I believe you could wear it if you have blonde hair and if you have brown hair. 

I am fond of this kind of suits because you have a bright jacket and dark pants. Maybe it is better to wear dark shoes in order to have uniform color. 

Which is your favorite suit? The first one or the second one?


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lunedì, maggio 24

I am all set

Here it is raining but honestly, I feel like summer. How about short dresses and heels? Happy hour near the sea with friends. Yesterday was a great Sunday, a sunny one and I wore a t-shirt and I had a pony tail but now men, I am wearing my favorite hoodie. 

What's up with this weather? It is May 2021 and I am about to wear a coat, again. Wait a second, my neighbour is listening to some summer music. Why now? 

This thing makes me think of summer and hot days but I really need to change my lifestyle. I always have brown hair but sometimes I really want to try new colors but I am afraid or kind of. 

What about if buy some wigs on Uniwigs?  

I believe this is a good way to start. What am I talking about? This is a wave wrap synthetic ponytail extension and it is perfect if you don't want to change your hairstyle. Completely. 

You can add it on your hair and then remove it when you come back home. If you are a doubtful girl, it is a great idea. The price is really low and you can change this wig every day. 

The last one is a synthetic wig but you can find human hair wigs too:

I have always loved balayage but I don't dare to make it. This blonde balayage seems so natural and it is. This wig is made of human hair and I am fond of beach waves. I am aware they are hard to make them but it is simpler with this wig, isn't it? 

Are you fan of brown hair or blonde hair? If you prefer the second one, look at this picture:

These are not human hair wigs but human hair extensions. If you have brown hair and you want to wear some extensions, they are perfect for you! This Tania clip hair includes five pieces. They can add volume at the roots. 

If you have thin hair, I believe it is amazing. A friend of mine didn't like her hair because they are thin and brittle. Unfortunately, she was always worried about her look. No volume means no hair but is it really true? I am not so sure, guys!

What if I am blonde and I want to wear these extensions anyway? Don't do it! Buy them only if you have brown hair because I don't like matching colors. 

Actually, I like it. I was lying! It is so fun to play with colors and spend some time to create new hairstyles. 

Do you agree with me? 
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giovedì, aprile 29

Have you already bought your new shoes?


Hi guys, how are you? These months has been so hard but I believe it's normal. We are living in a weird situation because of Corona pandemic. I want to think about something else and I am pretty sure you too. Summer is so close and we should hang out with our friends. Waiting for better days, what about these amazing heels sandals?

I would wear this leather and open toes shoes with a wide white dress. I bought it a couple of months ago and I believe it would be perfect. A nice evening, the sunset in the background, a beer in my hand and my best friend. My life has been changed and I need to talk to someone. A friend is a good idea, isn'it it?

What about a brown belt and a white bag? Do you think they could fit to these shoes?

I know some of you are thinking of a romantic evening after the pandemic. If you are engaged, it is normal. Don't worry. Everyone is waiting for a perfect night with their boyfriend but we should wear another kind of shoes. Take a look at these ones:

They are a pair of sexy sandals and you can't imagine how many times I have dreamed of theses shoes. Just imagine them with a black dress, maybe a short one, your makeup is perfect, you are so sexy and you are hanging out with your boyfriend. What about a dinner in your favorite restaurant? Aren't they perfect?

Gold shoes for gold bag. Don't forget to match them. 

And now it's their turn: gladiator sandals because I know some of you prefer comfortable shoes to sexy ones. 

Normal shoes for normal days but colorful ones. I believe it's important to play with colors during the day. Green, yellow and orange seems to be amazing in Spring. You could match these sandals with skinny jeans or yellow dress. If you choose the second option, don't forget to wear a colorful necklace. Maybe a gold one but not a silver one. 

Now it's your turn: which one is your favorite? Let me know with a comment below

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