mercoledì, luglio 15

Who are you?

Hi guys, what's up? I am so happy because my Physics exam went well. I mean, I got 30 out of 30. The exam was online and it was oral. I wrote every formulas on a piece of paper and then I had to get it in front of the webcam. I studied for 3 months and my 30 was incredibly satisfying. 

What about this blog? I hadn't published a blogpost in the last month but today I am here to have fun with you. Pubs are open and I can't wait to go for a drink with my lovely friends. My closet is quite empty because I want to freshen up my wardrobe. Look at this dress on HexinFashion:

What do you think about it? Isn't it awesome? It's a sexy bandage dress in black color. In my opinion this one could be perfect for my body. I have lost 3 Kilos and I need to feel sexy for me and for my boyfriend also. 

This dress is tight across the bust, highlights the shape and it follows your body. Don't forget to match this dress with a pair of silver high heels. You're going to be amazing!

If you love red color check this link out for more sexy bandage dresses
An example? Take a look at this one:

Ok, these dresses are amazing, sexy and tight. I think it is time to talk about lingerie. What kind of underwear do you have in your closet? Sports bra or sexy bra? I love both!

I choose this product because it is the perfect combination between sports and sexy lingerie. Lace lends a touch of feminine details. Men love see not see. It is a kind of "see-throug" to whet your imagination. 
In this bra we have black letters also. They reminds me of sports bra and it is ok, is not it?

I believe is important to feel comfortable and have the perfect lingerie under your clothes. I know most of you don't like sexy bra so I am pretty sure you'll like this one!

Best cheap lingerie are always a good idea!

Love from your Cristina!