mercoledì, luglio 15

Who are you?

Hi guys, what's up? I am so happy because my Physics exam went well. I mean, I got 30 out of 30. The exam was online and it was oral. I wrote every formulas on a piece of paper and then I had to get it in front of the webcam. I studied for 3 months and my 30 was incredibly satisfying. 

What about this blog? I hadn't published a blogpost in the last month but today I am here to have fun with you. Pubs are open and I can't wait to go for a drink with my lovely friends. My closet is quite empty because I want to freshen up my wardrobe. Look at this dress on HexinFashion:

What do you think about it? Isn't it awesome? It's a sexy bandage dress in black color. In my opinion this one could be perfect for my body. I have lost 3 Kilos and I need to feel sexy for me and for my boyfriend also. 

This dress is tight across the bust, highlights the shape and it follows your body. Don't forget to match this dress with a pair of silver high heels. You're going to be amazing!

If you love red color check this link out for more sexy bandage dresses
An example? Take a look at this one:

Ok, these dresses are amazing, sexy and tight. I think it is time to talk about lingerie. What kind of underwear do you have in your closet? Sports bra or sexy bra? I love both!

I choose this product because it is the perfect combination between sports and sexy lingerie. Lace lends a touch of feminine details. Men love see not see. It is a kind of "see-throug" to whet your imagination. 
In this bra we have black letters also. They reminds me of sports bra and it is ok, is not it?

I believe is important to feel comfortable and have the perfect lingerie under your clothes. I know most of you don't like sexy bra so I am pretty sure you'll like this one!

Best cheap lingerie are always a good idea!

Love from your Cristina!

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giovedì, luglio 2

Newchic Summer Sale 2020

Hello guys, how are you? Lockdown is over and everything is fine. These last 4 months has been the weirdest of my life but I finally think about something else. Those who know me know that I am a chemistry student and I am studying for university exam.

I am under a lot of stress! In my opinion writing a blogpost can go a long way to free up your mind and keep you stress-free. So let's move on my new wish-list because I want to update my wardrobe.

Yesterday I bought a new white dress because many pubs and bars are open. We can drink and enjoy the long night in Milan (wearing my beautiful white face mask, of course!).

What do you think about low wedge espadrilles? On Newchic I saw these ones and I fell in love with this color:

 low wedge espadrilles

Here are casual peep toe wedge with rubber on outsole. They are perfect with my new long dress. It is drawn with a deep back neckline and a full skirt right down to the ankle. I am not very tall so I have to wear high heels and these one are great!

Don't forget to take a note about Newchic summer sale time:

Pre-sale: July 6th  -- July 13th

Crazy Shopping: July 13th  -- July 18th

Thank and Reward: July 20th  -- July 27th

The big flash discount of this summer sale activity is:

Free Shipping Coupons ✓

US$0.99 Flash Deals ✓

US$9.99 Free Shipping Seckill ✓

Flash Deals Up to 90% Off ✓  

Raise your hand if you have few bags. Anyone? Here I am! I really fall in love with multi-function bag like this one:

I love take a walk in the hill. Silence, fresh air and faint chirping are so relaxing. I am quite sure this can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or yellow skirt as in the pic. Do you agree with me?

Yellow makes me think of blonde hair. I am brunette with Mediterranean skin. I wish I were born as pretty as the model in the pic below. Having blonde hair has always been my dream. Hair Long Curly Hair Wigs are the next item of my wish-list! 

Oh man, I forgot to add earrings. I can't hang out with my friends without them. I am deciding between silver drop earrings and gold earrings. Look at these one:

Could be better with a pair of black heels or sneaker or both? I love to buy items that I can wear with two outfit, at least. Why can it be so hard to decide? Ok, I add also these earrings. 

What about my boyfriend? I want to get him something amazing. He loves mens floral t-shirt but he hates shopping. 

I am quite sure he'll love this because he also is a red color lover! Ok, this t-shirt shall be mine! Ok, my wish-list is complete and I am perfectly happy!

You can find more flash deals products you can choose at newchic summer pre-order sale

A kiss for you

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