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Quarantine in Italy

Hello guys, it's also been a long while since I've written a blogpost. During those two months, a lot of things are changed in Italy. We are in quarantine because of COVID-19 and I am so scared because the number of deaths is so high.

I was born in Bergamo (a city town in the north of Italy) and my family is still there. I don't know when I'm going to visit my mom. I also can't go out for a coffe break, I can't hang out with my friend, I can't have a dinner with my boyfriend in our favorite restaurant. It's so sad.

I can only go in grocery or drugstore shopping but you have to stay safe and take care each other. People in my town can only go out wearing disponsable face mask in order not to get sick and I am of them. We are not used to mask but we have to follow the law.

Here is an example with three layer mask with stretchable nose bar:

You can buy package with 10/20/30 or more pcs. It's better to buy a large number of medical mask because they are disponsable face mask.

In that connection, I should like to emphasise a couple of crucial elements.

1) Before putting on a mask, don't forget to wash your hands with alcohol based soap and water
2) and avoid touching the mask or your face while using it

I see a lot of people touching eyes, iPhone, ears and so on! Why do that? I think it's important to use bulk toilet paper and clean your iPhone with disinfectant and antibacterial wipes like these one:

Using disinfection wipes, you can clean with 99.99% sterilization. They are odorless and are ideal for a quick cleaning of baby equipment, furniture, door knobs and electronics. I think wipes are a good solution and I use them everyday for my phone screen also.

The resealable pack is so useful to prevent the surface wipes drying out.

Personal care is important but stay safe!
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