sabato, maggio 2

Zalando & primavera

Ciao amici, come procede la quarantena? L'unico modo per uscire da questa pandemia è quello di mantenere la calma e seguire le direttive del Governo. In attesa di avere più informazioni sulla fase 2, ho deciso di distogliere la mente e dedicarmi un po' al blog. Sono abituata a scrivere post in inglese e farlo in italiano è davvero insolito. Voglio creare la mia lista dei desideri personale e quale sito migliore per farlo se non Zalando ?. È uno dei miei e-commerce preferiti, c'è una vasta selezione di vestiti economici delle migliori marche, ricco di accessori e prodotti per la bellezza. Bando alle ciance ed iniziamo con la mia selezione:

È un vestito a pois del brand Bershka, è in poliestere ed è adatto per questo periodo primaverile. Leggero, fresco e sbarazzino come piace a me. Lo immagino indossato con un paio di stivali neri per uno spirito rock ma anche con un paio di scarpe da tennis se si vuole essere più sportivi. L'ideale sarebbe aggiungere una cintura in vita magari con un leggero dettaglio gioiello in modo illuminare ancora di più la figura. Se siete sotto 1.70 cm e con una silhouette longilinea vi consiglio di acquistare la taglia S o tuttalpiù una XS perché altrimenti temo potrebbe avere una lunghezza eccessiva per tale altezza. Che ne direste dell'abbinamento con un paio di décolleté? 

Vediamo ora qualcosa di più bon-ton restando sempre giovanile:

Un tubino classico di Anna Field reso frizzante da questi piccoli pois su stampa beige. Mi piacerebbe indossarlo per un colloquio informale o per un aperitivo con gli amici. La cintura vuole centrare lo sguardo dell'interlocutore sul girovita, il tutto a rendere il tubino più sensuale e delicato sulle curve. Fondamentale per una donna mantenere una propria femminilità nei movimenti. Immagino questo tubino abbinato ad un paio di décolleté nere mat. Invece che ne pensate di questo paio?

Queste francesine di Tata Italia sembrano essere nate per il tubino di cui vi ho appena parlato. Molto bon-ton, molto sensuali seppur con un tacco medio basso. Non è necessario avere un tacco 12 per essere femminili. Oltre a faticare a camminare (nella maggior parte dei casi perlomeno) penso anche che oltre i 20 anni non siano più da indossare.

Voi che ne pensate?
Avreste fatto altri abbinamenti?
Un bacio!

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venerdì, aprile 10

Quarantine in Italy

Hello guys, it's also been a long while since I've written a blogpost. During those two months, a lot of things are changed in Italy. We are in quarantine because of COVID-19 and I am so scared because the number of deaths is so high.

I was born in Bergamo (a city town in the north of Italy) and my family is still there. I don't know when I'm going to visit my mom. I also can't go out for a coffe break, I can't hang out with my friend, I can't have a dinner with my boyfriend in our favorite restaurant. It's so sad.

I can only go in grocery or drugstore shopping but you have to stay safe and take care each other. People in my town can only go out wearing disponsable face mask in order not to get sick and I am of them. We are not used to mask but we have to follow the law.

Here is an example with three layer mask with stretchable nose bar:

You can buy package with 10/20/30 or more pcs. It's better to buy a large number of medical mask because they are disponsable face mask.

In that connection, I should like to emphasise a couple of crucial elements.

1) Before putting on a mask, don't forget to wash your hands with alcohol based soap and water
2) and avoid touching the mask or your face while using it

I see a lot of people touching eyes, iPhone, ears and so on! Why do that? I think it's important to use bulk toilet paper and clean your iPhone with disinfectant and antibacterial wipes like these one:

Using disinfection wipes, you can clean with 99.99% sterilization. They are odorless and are ideal for a quick cleaning of baby equipment, furniture, door knobs and electronics. I think wipes are a good solution and I use them everyday for my phone screen also.

The resealable pack is so useful to prevent the surface wipes drying out.

Personal care is important but stay safe!
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domenica, febbraio 9

Vegan backpacks

Hi guys, how are you doing? These days were challenging and interesting because I am trying to create a new photo shoot in my foodblog so I am really busy but I need to think about me.

What better opportunity then, if you do not take the time to discover some of the most beautiful small backpack?

I am looking for vegan products so what do you think about this one on Baginning website?

It's a vegan leather convertible backpack with chains. Do you like it? It's stunning and perfect for every event. Think about a romantic lunch or a productive working day. You could wear it and put in your backpack everything.

If you don't like the grey color, look at this one:

In this pic you can see a black leisure sure vegan leather backpack. The black color is perfect for informal event.  How about a walk around the city? You can bring with you a flask or maybe a smal notebook or a book. I have always my iPad with me so this one could be my new love! It's a roomy backpack!

If you are looking for clear backpack, check this one out:

This is a PVC clear backpack with pink rose color. It's so cute and vintage! I love it!

Which are your favorite ones?
Let me know in a comment below
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sabato, gennaio 4

Leopard print shoes for next party

Hey my beautiful friends, how are you? I have a text next week. Organic chemistry II. This is my Shakespearean nightmare, not yours. I really need to clear my head. When I'm stressed out, I like to shop. Tomorrow will be Katy's birthday party.

Sometimes, women like me have difficulty choosing which shoes to wear when dressing in the morning. What about a party? It's hard to choose between such awesome shoes in my closet. Girls, I need some help.

My party dress is tight, midi and black. 
I want something showy. I'd like to wear a pair of shoes like this one:

In this pic we have leopard print stiletto heel made of synthetic material. They're so awesome and I like their red heel.

In my opinion if you are wearing a black dress, you can wear a shocking pair of shoes. I hate black dress and black shoes because I think it's a boring outfit so let's play with colors.

Red stiletto heel and red handbag? Do you agree with me? If not, check more leopard print shoes !
And what about this one?

This is a pointy toe leopard print heels. I appreciate their ankle strap stiletto heel because it's so sexy. I just found these heels on fsjshoes and I felt in love. They are not so showy like the previous one pic but I think they are perfect for me.  

Oh wait, I just loocked at my feet and I have got a bruise on my left ankle! I don't know if I can wear these shoes but maybe I could put some foundation on it, right? Yeah, I do mean that. 

Have you honestly never done it? I'm kind of surprised. Every girl's had that one, right? Come on!

So, which shoes do you prefer? The first ones or the second ones?

Let me know your opinion in the comment box below
Stay tuned!

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giovedì, gennaio 2

Gym clothes and a new love

What's up guys? How have your last Christmas been?

If you've just eaten an enormous meal and planning on taking a long winter's nap, not weird at all. I ate a lot of cakes, cookies and more.
I think it's important to forget our weight and spend time with friends, have a beer and play games. Wearing this high waist shaping shorts could be an amazing idea because of our (little) tummy 😅 Are you with me?

This body shaper is perfect during this period even if it is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Today I would like to start my home workout and this one could help me to burn more fat. The neoprene is my favorite material because we're going to sweat in about five minutes.

I really love the pocket on the right side. Here I can put my iPhone, open my workout app and follow my progress. None of my pants has this pocket and I am pretty sure neither yours. Are you a pants lover? Yes? Here we are!

What about this best waist trainer for women? I am currently doing my workout at home but next week I am going to the gym. This is my first time in this new one. 

With this new opening, I refuse to feel unconfortable. In my opinion gym clothes for woman have to be cute.

This is not always true but look at this one:

In this pic you can take a look a this plus size snake print waist trainer latex abdominal belt. When I saw it, I felt in love because this belt is so cute.

I finally found a feminine gym cloth!

Don't forget to take a look on FeelinGirl for more lovely products! 
Only then can you find what you are looking for.

Anything I can do, just let me know.

A kiss for you my little friend
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