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Blue or green dresses?

Hi girls, what's up? Today is our last day in chemistry lab and I'm so happy. No, I'm not. It was great and I have learned a lot from the experience.

I think is important don't stop doing what you love. But guys, it's summer and it's time to think about weddings. Next month I'm going to my bf's wedding and I'm so excited. I shall come to her ceremony and I will be crying, weeping.

She loves the blue and the green color. I love only the blue, it's muche better than the green. She asked for my help and so I have. Here are some bridesmaid dresses UK for you baby:

Here is an amazing spaghetti straps backless sexy bridesmaid dress perfect for her wedding.

If you look a this pic you can see:

- spaghetti straps
- sweetheart neckline
- sleevless dress
- mermaid silhouette

Isn't it so sexy and chic? One detail is my fav one and I'm pretty sure it's I really love spaghetti straps. I think this detail is so sexy because this dress has an awesome sweetheart necklace.

The embroidered bodice give this dress an unmistakable style.

Take a look at this one:

Here is a royal blue tulle bridesmaid dress. In the wedding tulle is always there. It's seems a very valuable tulle, iridescent and soft but don't crush the tulle please.

I forgot to point out that this is a maid of honor dress. Maid of honor serves as the chief bridesmaid.

On the wedding day she helps the bride with the dress an with the bouquet so she has to be the best. Usually she is dressed the same as the bridesmaids but I'm the maid of honor.

I want a different dress from the other bridesmaid because I know my friend intimately!

Ok, It's time to the green dresses, here are some ideas:

Which one do you prefer? The last one is my fav of course! It's so romatic with its chiffon ruffles.

Let me know which dress I have to buy!

A kiss for you

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