venerdì, agosto 10

Matching outfits

Hi, guys. How are you? We just got back from Holland. We've visited 5 cities in one week: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Leiden, eindhoven and Amsterdam. My heels are raw, we've walked that far. I loved this type of journey. No point in planning anything, if you ask me.

In Amsterdam we've been twice but this time I was disappointed. Milano is probably a lot like Amsterdam. There's a lot of people but there are too many people! Utrecht was my fav one. It is a quiet town and I would live here!

The plane ride was awful. Two little girls spent the whole time crying and I had to get my sleep. And like so many others, I turned a blind eye. They were so blonde and so cute, guys! The big one was 4 and the small one 2. They wore boy girl matching outfits like these:
In the pic you can see brother sister letters pattern matching outfits. The color is grey but I would like to buy also the pink one! Biggie and smalls texts are so awesome and granny can't fail to see who is the greatest niece: it's written on their shirts.

Might be a perfect gift on Popreal!

My pregnant girlsfriend follow me on my blog and I know they could love newborn outfits. They didn't have anything special in their babies closet. Maybe they can get their babies to wear a set like this one:

What do you think about this?

It's a cute bunny fly sleeve set and I really love it! In the pic you can see a blue overalls and a pink shirt  underneath. I advise you to wear this outfit only if you know how to change diapers quickly.

Have you seen the rabbit ears? They are pink and they have polka dots. I'm the fan of polka dots (or pois in french). I have shirt, skirt, wallet and cosmetic bags with polka dots.

I'm waiting for your shopping! Let me know in a comment which one do you prefer! A kiss