mercoledì, agosto 8

4 Tips for Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses

September is the month of weddings. It's the month of love, summer is almost over and autumn has not yet arrived. Honestly it is my fav month and I think it will be the month in which we decide to get married.

Until then I will dream with my friends and their weddings. My bff is marrying in two months and I'm so excited for her. No, I haven't found my dress yet. She is so busy with work and wedding and as her friend I want to help her.

The only thing I know is that she love romantic colors. Maybe she could love blue dresses for her bridesmaid. What do you think about this one?

It's a convertible jersey dress in sky blue. It's so cute, fresh and perfect for everyone. The wide skirt is perfect for fit girls but also for curvy girls. I mean, we're all women and we want to feel sexy in this special day.

I love this one because we could wear it as a strapless dress (look at the left model) but I know some bridesmaid are 35 years old. Maybe the right one is better than the left one! This dress is perfect for young and old women.

The previous dress is in jersey but also in chiffon is so cute! This material is one of my fav because it's so fancy.

Her mother couldn't love light sky blue color because she'd say, "It's pretty, but it's too bright".This thing make me laugh!

I'm sure my bff would want her brides maid wore long dresses.

Of course, if it was me, I'd just be happy wearing this amazing pink dress but maybe she prefer this one:

In the pic you can see A-line princess sleeveless lace top chiffon dress in two different colors: in the image above I post pearl pink dress and in the image under you can see the mint version. The dress is the same.

Do you prefer pearl pink or mint?

I'm a pink lover but mint is so awesome! Well, I think it's so romantic. What kind of shoes I should wear? White or silver? Maybe, white one are not for a wedding but for a prom. Silver ones are the best choise. It would be better if all bridesmais were wore the same shoes. I don't know if my bff has enough money to buy them for us!

Let me know which is your fav dress! A kiss