lunedì, luglio 9

This is for you

Hi guys, how are you? In these days I have been very busy. I've considered studying Industrial Chemistry again. In October I enrolled in the University of Milan but every day has been worse than that. Only odd jobs were offered to me. As much as I love cooking, I need economic stability. If having a permanent job means resuming studying, I have to do it! The months of June and July have been complicated because they are the exam period. Today is July 9th and I just need to rest for a second.

My brain is completely shutting down. I absolutely need a vacation so I need to think about something else. Who has been following me for a long time, perhaps know that my beloved friend Mary has had two babies, a boy and a girl. The boy is 18 months old and the girl is 2 years old.

My friend  has two strollers and she gets more tired every time I see her. Man, it's so hard to take children for a walk with two strollers. In two weeks it's her birthday and I'm looking for a gift. She has lots of clothes, shoes and bags but she loves beach and fitness! I think is important running easy with her babies. She didn't go running after pregnancy and this thing make me so sad.

Maybe this is fate giving me a perfect idea! Mary just called me to tell me that she will leave for the holidays at the end of the month.

Ok, toddler in a double jogging stroller could be perfect.

We all know how difficult is have two babies because of double struff so I'm obviously looking for a stroller with cargo space or cargo basket below the seating. Mary's baby boy is too young and he need to eat every 3-4 hours.

Mary has a bag containing bottle with her breast milk, cleaning wipes and nappies and extra clothes.  If you click on the link you can see that the third stroller is amazing for Mary. The wheels have suspension system (in this way the child can experience a smooth ride) and they are able to ride over rough terrains.

I'm so happy because I know she've booked her holiday at the seaside. She is a jogger not a runner.