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Feel sexy with Lene Hair

What Makes Malaysian Hair the Best Styling Regimen?
Women from across the world love Malaysian virgin Remy hair. This hair type not only looks more natural but also lasts longer and is more trouble-free than the processed ones. They come from the temples in different Malaysian villages where women donate their tresses. In turn, the temple sells it to the companies and use sale money to help poor local community. The companies then clean and make this natural hair something smelling nice and pack them for bulk sale.
Hair sourced from Malaysia is heavy or thick and has a better wave texture than Peruvian and Brazilian hair types. It has a striking natural luster and extreme silkiness. Its beautiful wavy pattern allows it to blend with medium and coarse hair textures.
The Malaysian hair is extremely luxurious for many reasons. It has excessive shine which goes normal after a few washes. Its sheen goes medium to high. The locks are very strong and offer the wearer a comfortable feel with a perfect natural appearance.
Furthermore, women with curly hair dream of having straight hair and pay lots of money to get hair treatments like iron straightening or rebounding. The Malaysian loose wave bundles make it much easier to achieve straight hair look without spending on chemical treatments.
Malaysian virgin hair is obtained from the donors and is 100% natural human hair so you get your favorite styling without compromising on the quality. They are completely free from matting, shedding or tangling, problems.
The hair comes in various lengths allowing you to make different hairdos and pick a new style every day. The wefts made from Malaysian hair are simply amazing and a perfect solution for those women with disappearing hairline or other similar problems. Moreover, they perfectly add credibility to your thin or dull hair with an entirely natural appearance.
Generally, the color of this hair type consists of dark natural shade such as dark brown or black. Malaysian body wave bundles are very popular specifically among American and South African celebrities. They are available in varied lengths allowing the consumer to pick one according to their specific styling needs.
The Malaysian sourced tresses blend extremely well with your own hair and no one would be able to distinguish that you’re wearing bundles. They can be dyed, colored, bleached or curled as per your choice. You can find both handmade and machine weft weaves with the ability to stay smooth and silky for longer period.
Listed below are some tips on how you can pick the best Malaysian hair extensions for your everyday style.
  • Choose Remy Hair
No matter what styling method you prefer, 100% human Remy hair makes the best extensions for a longer span of time. This offers the highest quality of locks and a range of styling options.
  • Extensions For Your Daily life
Hair extensions require a little bit of maintenance to keep going for longer and longer. Therefore, it is really crucial to take into consideration which extensions method will match your lifestyle. If you are so busy to maintain extensions, then the clip-in extension can be the right choice for you daily styling needs. You can break them out for special occasions where you have time to style.
  • Color Match
The hair extensions you choose should match the color of your own hair. Most brands offer bright colors, dual blend, and tri-blend allowing you to get a perfect color match so the hair weaves blend seamlessly with your locks and look natural.
  • Qualified Stylist
If you want to have semi-permanent hair extensions, a qualified stylist can help you get a proper, secure and seamless application. An incorrect application can cause your extensions to slip or similar problems that will also lead to inconvenience to your daily styling.