domenica, settembre 16

Autumn is coming: 2 ideas for newborn

Hi guys, how are you? This week is finally over. I studied for my Math and Matlab exams. Was it as hard as I thought? Nope. It was too easy and I'm afraid. I hope it went well! We won't even get the results till next week. Can I just catch my breath now? I've just realized autumn is coming and I'm not ready! I love this season but I know I shoudl buy a dress. 

My nephew is a girl, a really beautiful girl! She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks like a princess. I love she and I want to buy a dress for her bithday on 12th of October. She'll be one in a month and I'm so proud of her: always with a smile, determined to be happy. 

Stella is like a daughter for me and I'm more than a nanny for her. I'm her bestfriend, I know I'm her go-to. We have something special and I'm so unhappy because of the university. October through January I have a pretty full studying schedule with morning classes and afternoon lab. 

So it's time to buy Stella's birthday present. What do you think about this newborn outerwear

Isn't that nice? This is a plush bunny ears floral print outerwear. It's made of 95% acrylic fibres and it's for 6-18 months babies.

I think it could be perfect for next season. autumn in Milan is not so cold so I pick this one.
Stella doesn't have any after-school activities, so we just make the most of our lazy afternoons together. There's a park near my house and we spent every day playing there. I always look forward to this time of day.

I love it and I'm pretty sure she'll love also this amazing present. It's colourful and I know how much she loves rabbit!

What about this one?
It's 75% cotton and the season written on the site are spring and autumn. I think it's not so cold as the previous one. Maybe she could wear it also this month. During the day there's sun but in the evenings it gets cool around these parts. I suggest my sister-in-law to put on warm clothes. Babies does feel the cold more than us.

Ok. Everybody, here we go. This thickened polka dots little ear zipper hooded outerwear with cartoon bear is for Stella's mum. My sister-in-law loves dots and Stella love bears!

If you're looking more cheap toddler clothes you'll find them on Popreal!

Are you rabbit or bear lover?
Let me know in a comment below

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martedì, agosto 28

3 best outfits for job interview

I've actually got a job interview tomorrow morning. I'm so excited because it's for a chem lab. You know my resume: I worked in a lot of bar, restaurants and clothing stores. Well, yes, I've got a degree in Biotecnology and I enrolled in Industrial Chemistry last year. 

It's just that... I don't know if I can work in a restaurant again. I was on my feet ten or eleven hours a day. Every single day. Too many double shifts at the restaurant. I didn't have much of a lunch break, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Not a bad score on my lunch break. This standing and eating thing has got to stop. This time I'm hoping to change all that. I just need a little happy and I think it's important to work well. 

I'm looking to make money doing something I love and I want this to be the one! Now I'm tense and my nerve are raw. What do I wear in my next job intervies?

Preparing for it is never easy but you have to know what you're applying for. You can ask about the dress code. Ever done that before? 

A professional outfit can you help you because the first impression is important. The boss know within 90 seconds wheter he/she will hire you. I want to share with you some outfit tips:

- Yoga or gym pants are avoided
- Do not wear beachy sandals
- No open toe- sandals
- No ripped jeans
- Skip midi dress 

Blue and black colours are safer but this doesn't mean you can't experiment with colours. You don't have to be boring!

Okay, guys, here we go. I've chosen for you some cute dresses:

This is a ruffled hem floral printed dress. The color is turquoise with some flowers pattern. This dress neckline is ok because it's important to avoid showing cleveage.  

The knee lenght is perfect and not too sexy. It's not a romantic date so you want to present the best version of yourself and the polished version of yourself!

Pattern should be avoid but I think it's depends on jobs interview. If you're applying for a creative job this dress could be ok. 

If you're looking for a businnes job I think it's better to choose sheath dresses!

Here is an example of FashionMia statement dress . Model outfit is comfortable without being too casual. 

It's a v-neck lace-up plain maxi dress. Season is spring and summer but avoid wearing open toe sandals! Shoes should be not extremely high, in a good condition with any visible strains and conservative. You should make sure they are clean and new-ish looking.

Don't forget to iron the dress. Your clothing should be always clean and pressed. 

What should you wear if you don't have a suit?

You can wear skirt and blouse or pants. If you choose blouse wear them in white or in light grey, bottom up and collared. Knee lenght and khaki shirt are ok!

What about the shoes? Choose closed-toed high heels or flats, they should have the same color of your skirt.

Navy blue, dark grey, black or brown are perfect but you don't be afraid of colour.  You have to ensure the overall look remains professional.

I gave you some tips for formal job interview but what about my job interview?

I think I'm just going to wear something simple. Black cardigan, blue blouse and black pants could be an idea or maybe white blouse with a turquoise cardigan, and dark blue jeans. I'm sorry. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a statement dress.

Check out this link for more women's cardigans!
Formal or informal, it all depends on the occasion.
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venerdì, agosto 17

Today's wish-list

I'm 30 years old and I'm currently enrolled in college. Industrial Chemistry is my university department. I feel like I'm never going to graduate. I'm afraid I can't do it because I need to find a job. Many young people are out of work in Italy. I have to work to support myself. It's just I've got to pay my rent. I have an interview in two days. I just get extra hungry when I'm nervous. I'm going to go shopping. I think it's better to buy some Cheap Clothes. It's all I can afford in my situation. I'm sure there's something out there for me.

This is a round neck plain bodycon dress. Now I'm-a go upstairs and throw away all my non-track-style suits because this is my new look.

I think it's could be perfect for my next job interview. It's a formal occasion, after all. My brother suggested I should wear a knee lenght dress because it's elegant. My brother is helping me prep for a job interview that I don't want anybody to know about.

Which purse do you like? Black one like in the pic or blue one? Maybe I need the blue one. I'm trying to find bag to match my new amazing dress. Any idea on BerryLook?

If you don't have scheduled a job interview, check out the dress in the pic. Ey, look at that, in't it marvellous? It's a round neck belt floral printed skater dress and I love it. It's a floral dress.
I'll be honest with you guys. I don't like floral dress but this is so pretty! The flowers are white, light blue and there's a little section of black. I hope you like it.

Gets a bit chilly here at night sometimes,  especially if you're over near the lake. When I travel, I usually pack fashion jackets.

What do you think about this band collar contrast trim slit pocket zipper plain jacket?

I really like the colour scheme. I'd wear this jacket and the previous dress. I know, I'm crazy because this is a sports jacket. I have wonderful black earrings to match.

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giovedì, agosto 16

1 tip to appear confident: high heels for men

I met my cousin a couple of day ago. He's living near my city but we've not met up for so long because of his new job. We took a little stroll the downtown and we stopped by for a beer.  When Mark turned 27, he was ready for a career change and trained to become a DJ. Our meetings are important for me. We should schedule meetings, 'cause the days can slip away with chitchat. I love him but I think he's overconfident. Of course, now I now why. He's always been a short man. When I met him he looked taller than the other times but I kind of brushed it off at that point. He was so awesome, with a smiley face and confident. He surprised me!
I've know him since childhood because we used to play basketball with my brother. I know how hard it is to be a short man but I'm pretty sure none of his work colleagues know it. It's a bit like the tom cruise height. There are a lot of Hollywood star wearing fashion style tricks to look taller.

I think it's important to be natural. With a taller appearance you could be more confident in everything you do. All of this is possible by wearing 3 inches height shoes. Before you're 5'9'' and now 6'2''. In this way you can increase your height 2-5 inches instantly. These shoes are known as the high heels for men and it's amazing!

The shoes are structured as follows: there is the outsole, then CHAMARIPA height increasing layer, then the insole. The height increase is so natural. Everyday you can wear this kind of shoes and at every opportunity.

Elevator shoes are comfortable. You can wear them in the office, at the club and with your girlfriend.

When we met, my cousin was wearing a pair like this one:

This is a black height increasing men shoes and you can be taller 8 cm/3.15 Inch. In this pic you can see its classic design. They're perfect for today's modern gentleman.

The occasion is daily casual. In my opinion you can wear them also for a job interview or for a romantic dinner in a first-class restaurant or in the morning. What's wrong with wearing a tuxedo in the morning?

You can wear it in spring and in autumn, I think they're too hot for summer.

The high-abrasion rubber absorb ground contact. Internal heel provides light weight and it' good. When you think about elevator shoes, the first thought is always, "My God, what a heavy shoe it is".

What about mens wedding shoes?

In the pic you can see the blue height increase dress shoes with lifts men tall shoes 7 CM/2.76 Inches. I love this one. Everyone knows that I love blue color so I suggest you wear it.

It's important to find a blue tuxedo. The color blending should be the same for a wedding. Remember it guys!

Extra height means a lot for Mark and I'm so proud of him!
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venerdì, agosto 10

Matching outfits

Hi, guys. How are you? We just got back from Holland. We've visited 5 cities in one week: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Leiden, eindhoven and Amsterdam. My heels are raw, we've walked that far. I loved this type of journey. No point in planning anything, if you ask me.

In Amsterdam we've been twice but this time I was disappointed. Milano is probably a lot like Amsterdam. There's a lot of people but there are too many people! Utrecht was my fav one. It is a quiet town and I would live here!

The plane ride was awful. Two little girls spent the whole time crying and I had to get my sleep. And like so many others, I turned a blind eye. They were so blonde and so cute, guys! The big one was 4 and the small one 2. They wore boy girl matching outfits like these:
In the pic you can see brother sister letters pattern matching outfits. The color is grey but I would like to buy also the pink one! Biggie and smalls texts are so awesome and granny can't fail to see who is the greatest niece: it's written on their shirts.

Might be a perfect gift on Popreal!

My pregnant girlsfriend follow me on my blog and I know they could love newborn outfits. They didn't have anything special in their babies closet. Maybe they can get their babies to wear a set like this one:

What do you think about this?

It's a cute bunny fly sleeve set and I really love it! In the pic you can see a blue overalls and a pink shirt  underneath. I advise you to wear this outfit only if you know how to change diapers quickly.

Have you seen the rabbit ears? They are pink and they have polka dots. I'm the fan of polka dots (or pois in french). I have shirt, skirt, wallet and cosmetic bags with polka dots.

I'm waiting for your shopping! Let me know in a comment which one do you prefer! A kiss
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mercoledì, agosto 8

4 Tips for Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses

September is the month of weddings. It's the month of love, summer is almost over and autumn has not yet arrived. Honestly it is my fav month and I think it will be the month in which we decide to get married.

Until then I will dream with my friends and their weddings. My bff is marrying in two months and I'm so excited for her. No, I haven't found my dress yet. She is so busy with work and wedding and as her friend I want to help her.

The only thing I know is that she love romantic colors. Maybe she could love blue dresses for her bridesmaid. What do you think about this one?

It's a convertible jersey dress in sky blue. It's so cute, fresh and perfect for everyone. The wide skirt is perfect for fit girls but also for curvy girls. I mean, we're all women and we want to feel sexy in this special day.

I love this one because we could wear it as a strapless dress (look at the left model) but I know some bridesmaid are 35 years old. Maybe the right one is better than the left one! This dress is perfect for young and old women.

The previous dress is in jersey but also in chiffon is so cute! This material is one of my fav because it's so fancy.

Her mother couldn't love light sky blue color because she'd say, "It's pretty, but it's too bright".This thing make me laugh!

I'm sure my bff would want her brides maid wore long dresses.

Of course, if it was me, I'd just be happy wearing this amazing pink dress but maybe she prefer this one:

In the pic you can see A-line princess sleeveless lace top chiffon dress in two different colors: in the image above I post pearl pink dress and in the image under you can see the mint version. The dress is the same.

Do you prefer pearl pink or mint?

I'm a pink lover but mint is so awesome! Well, I think it's so romantic. What kind of shoes I should wear? White or silver? Maybe, white one are not for a wedding but for a prom. Silver ones are the best choise. It would be better if all bridesmais were wore the same shoes. I don't know if my bff has enough money to buy them for us!

Let me know which is your fav dress! A kiss
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mercoledì, luglio 11

Take good care of peruvian hair extensions

Natural searching and voluminous Peruvian hair extensions blend well with African-American hair texture. The feather-like and incredibly manageable Peruvian body wave should be maintained for longer information on hair.

Care needs to be taken before installation and publish-installation. During installation, don't cut the wefts. This might release hair inside the weft, resulting in shedding in the extensions. In situation you chop the weft, it should be sealed. Sealants like connecting glue, nailpolish or fabric sealant needs to be used with regards to the haired.

Sealant should apply to the extensions as when they have to get glued for the hair. Avoid using the sealant to actual hair and wait before it dries up. When it is dried, you'll be able to do that again however. Ends in the weft ought to be sealed for more security. You have to take proper proper care of the wefts by not splitting them and thru not putting needles using the wefts. You can do installing wefts by blanket stitch method. This safeguards the wefts without penetrating it.

Once the extensions are positioned up, they must be cared more simply because they stop acquiring natural nourishment that keeps them from being shiny, soft and free of tangles. You have to treat extensions with appropriate products to have their gentleness, lustre and shine. Using mild shampoos and conditioners would take care of the smooth texture from the real human hair extension and increases their existence too.

You can look at balance recommended John Frieda Frizz ease range along with Argon oil to find the best results. There are numerous videos available to maintain Peruvian body wave. Before shampooing, first detangle hair. You can utilize a detangling brush or wide toothed comb to detangle hair and gently comb the Malaysian virgin hair with closure. You have to shampoo hair one or more times a weekso the extensions don’t lose their shine from pollution and dusty atmosphere.

Don’t rub or massage hair while shampooing. Just use your fingers to gently remove tangles from your hair vendors and wash in downward motion to think about in the shampoo from hair completely. After shampoo, a conditioner or hair mask is must. Make use of the conditioner along with your fingers for your hair tips and hang an infant shower cap for 10-15 mins. Rinse the conditioner out completely and work without requiring a hair dryer. Utilize a heat protector or leave in conditioner in situation you are styling hair.

Hair treatments like herbal treatment or deep-conditioning are recommended two occasions monthly. The higher careful you are for that extensions, the greater they'd last. Heat could be the finest enemy of Malaysian hair weave bundles. However, following proper process, the extensions might be curled, blow dried, straightened or hair colour is relevant on their behalf like natural hair.

With your simple tips can stop your extensions from damage and make certain their extended existence too.

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lunedì, luglio 9

This is for you

Hi guys, how are you? In these days I have been very busy. I've considered studying Industrial Chemistry again. In October I enrolled in the University of Milan but every day has been worse than that. Only odd jobs were offered to me. As much as I love cooking, I need economic stability. If having a permanent job means resuming studying, I have to do it! The months of June and July have been complicated because they are the exam period. Today is July 9th and I just need to rest for a second.

My brain is completely shutting down. I absolutely need a vacation so I need to think about something else. Who has been following me for a long time, perhaps know that my beloved friend Mary has had two babies, a boy and a girl. The boy is 18 months old and the girl is 2 years old.

My friend  has two strollers and she gets more tired every time I see her. Man, it's so hard to take children for a walk with two strollers. In two weeks it's her birthday and I'm looking for a gift. She has lots of clothes, shoes and bags but she loves beach and fitness! I think is important running easy with her babies. She didn't go running after pregnancy and this thing make me so sad.

Maybe this is fate giving me a perfect idea! Mary just called me to tell me that she will leave for the holidays at the end of the month.

Ok, toddler in a double jogging stroller could be perfect.

We all know how difficult is have two babies because of double struff so I'm obviously looking for a stroller with cargo space or cargo basket below the seating. Mary's baby boy is too young and he need to eat every 3-4 hours.

Mary has a bag containing bottle with her breast milk, cleaning wipes and nappies and extra clothes.  If you click on the link you can see that the third stroller is amazing for Mary. The wheels have suspension system (in this way the child can experience a smooth ride) and they are able to ride over rough terrains.

I'm so happy because I know she've booked her holiday at the seaside. She is a jogger not a runner.
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lunedì, maggio 28

Summer mood

Hi sweeties, how are you? It's been a long time since I've written on the blog. What happened to me? I dedicated myself to university, to exams and now I'm working. I can not wait to book our summer holidays but I have no idea about the destination. I would like to go to Ibiza because I love that island. It's amazing and full of music. The people are so kind and nobody judges you. We've been there 5-6 times but it's always fabulous to come back.

Before thinking about the goal, however, I want to think about the suitcase. Packing may seem simple but every summer is a problem. Looking in my closet I noticed that I have no cute blouses for cheap like these on Bellalike:

Are you blue or white lover? I love blue because is so cute and makes me think of the stars and night. Here is my fav off shoulder backless smocked bodice shirts&blouse:

I wear this blouse with white trousers like the model in the pic. White is present in this blouse and
I think it's perfect for an aperitif by the sea. I would wear a pair of high-heeled sandals, probably blue. Would you wear gold or silver accessories?

Women's dresses are never enough. Cotton dresses too.

When I saw this dress I fell in love with it. I know, it's very simple, to wear during the day but lately I can't find something like this one in any store. I always find jeans suits.

Being in the holiday mood I want to imagine wearing it for a walk downtown. When I'm on holiday and it's raining, I like to visit the cities. Often after the rain comes out the sun so I carry my favorite swimsuit in my bag. I could wear the costume without feeling uncomfortable under this denim dress.

A kiss for you!

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giovedì, febbraio 1

Feel sexy with Lene Hair

What Makes Malaysian Hair the Best Styling Regimen?
Women from across the world love Malaysian virgin Remy hair. This hair type not only looks more natural but also lasts longer and is more trouble-free than the processed ones. They come from the temples in different Malaysian villages where women donate their tresses. In turn, the temple sells it to the companies and use sale money to help poor local community. The companies then clean and make this natural hair something smelling nice and pack them for bulk sale.
Hair sourced from Malaysia is heavy or thick and has a better wave texture than Peruvian and Brazilian hair types. It has a striking natural luster and extreme silkiness. Its beautiful wavy pattern allows it to blend with medium and coarse hair textures.
The Malaysian hair is extremely luxurious for many reasons. It has excessive shine which goes normal after a few washes. Its sheen goes medium to high. The locks are very strong and offer the wearer a comfortable feel with a perfect natural appearance.
Furthermore, women with curly hair dream of having straight hair and pay lots of money to get hair treatments like iron straightening or rebounding. The Malaysian loose wave bundles make it much easier to achieve straight hair look without spending on chemical treatments.
Malaysian virgin hair is obtained from the donors and is 100% natural human hair so you get your favorite styling without compromising on the quality. They are completely free from matting, shedding or tangling, problems.
The hair comes in various lengths allowing you to make different hairdos and pick a new style every day. The wefts made from Malaysian hair are simply amazing and a perfect solution for those women with disappearing hairline or other similar problems. Moreover, they perfectly add credibility to your thin or dull hair with an entirely natural appearance.
Generally, the color of this hair type consists of dark natural shade such as dark brown or black. Malaysian body wave bundles are very popular specifically among American and South African celebrities. They are available in varied lengths allowing the consumer to pick one according to their specific styling needs.
The Malaysian sourced tresses blend extremely well with your own hair and no one would be able to distinguish that you’re wearing bundles. They can be dyed, colored, bleached or curled as per your choice. You can find both handmade and machine weft weaves with the ability to stay smooth and silky for longer period.
Listed below are some tips on how you can pick the best Malaysian hair extensions for your everyday style.
  • Choose Remy Hair
No matter what styling method you prefer, 100% human Remy hair makes the best extensions for a longer span of time. This offers the highest quality of locks and a range of styling options.
  • Extensions For Your Daily life
Hair extensions require a little bit of maintenance to keep going for longer and longer. Therefore, it is really crucial to take into consideration which extensions method will match your lifestyle. If you are so busy to maintain extensions, then the clip-in extension can be the right choice for you daily styling needs. You can break them out for special occasions where you have time to style.
  • Color Match
The hair extensions you choose should match the color of your own hair. Most brands offer bright colors, dual blend, and tri-blend allowing you to get a perfect color match so the hair weaves blend seamlessly with your locks and look natural.
  • Qualified Stylist
If you want to have semi-permanent hair extensions, a qualified stylist can help you get a proper, secure and seamless application. An incorrect application can cause your extensions to slip or similar problems that will also lead to inconvenience to your daily styling.

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