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My Christmas gifts with Yoins

Hello guys, have you already bought Christmas gift? I'm late because of my laziness. I admit it, I always get the last few days to think about it. I mean, that's just who I am. 

This year I have a special gift for a special girl. I know this girl for a few years but a deep friendship binds us. This Christmas she will spend a few days with her new boyfriend and I want to help her make next weekend romantic. 

Let's see together what I choose for her (and then for me of course): sexy lingerie for women on

I know, you thought I would have chosen a book, a cd, a weekend in a romantic city but not.

I chose this black lace details see-through lingerie sets. It is mainly made of soft and elastic lace material and wearing this lingerie will make her feel sexy without being vulgar.

I think it's important feel comfortable during the first date.

Looking for the gift for my friend I decided to take a look at something for me and then here is my choice in the trendy ladies fashion blouses section:

Those who know me know I love blouses so here is my Christmas gift: white flouncy details round neck long sleeves blouse. This is made of polyester and it's so cute.

I could wear it either with a pair of jeans as in the pic or with a high waist skirt. In both cases I will wear a pair of high heels. Black or white shoes? I think black is better in this outfit.

Yoins clothing is always a good idea
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BestHairBuy Human Hair Wigs

Hello my beautiful friends, how are you? In a few days it's Christmas and I'm looking for gifts. Who follows me on my Instagram account know that I applied for university, I choose Industrial Chemistry and I'm so proud of me. I got a second chance to right my wrongs. I'm taking classes and I think I've earned some "Me time". 

It is always difficult to organize myself to go downtown shopping. The web is an excellent source and I really enjoy discovering new sites for me and for you. In this post I want to show you a really interesting one: Besthairbuy. Here you can buys a lots of wigs.

Let's see my favorite!

If you are looking for awesome Lace Front Wigs this is perfect for you. In the pic you can see indian remy hair natural wig with adjustable strap at the back. With this one you can feel comfortable on the scalp. Hair waves are so natural and sexy. 

I choose darkest brown color but on the site you find also:
- jet and natural black or 
- chocolate and light brown

Are you Human Hair Wigs lovers? I think this one it's amazing and I really need it in my closet. I've always loved having different hairlooks but I never dared to dye my hair in bright colors. No, no, my mum would have thrown me out of the house if I had. Traditional family is so boring! 

I think wear this wig is a great way to try a new hairlooks without hair dyes on your real hair. Each of us studies or works and crazy looks are not always appreciated by the boss. 

With this wig you can feel special for one day or night, then take it off and return to everyday life.

Check out the site for more wigs!

Now I want to show you a wig that I liked a lot. I have always been fascinated by blond hair being I have brown hair. Follow this link for more Full Lace Wigs

Unfortunately I'm afraid that doing a discoloration would ruin my hair too much but I know that many of you love platinum blonde hair and so here's a really awesome wig.

You can wear it without glue. There are combs and adjustable strap to suit different size.

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