sabato, novembre 11

Jumpsuits and skirts are the new black

Hello everyone, today while walking around the city I met a girl who was wearing a jumpsuit. In this month I have seen many jumpsuits but many of them were too sporty for me.

Just back home I had a great time looking for a site that sold them and I found FashionMia. I obviously created my wishlist. Let's start with this cute jumpsuit:


This is so elegant and it's skinny as I like. It really brings out the body and its shapes.
The white detail on the neck makes it unique and shiny.

You can wear it with white or black shoes even if I prefer black shoes as in the pic. Maybe you could chose between black or white handbag.

I know, I know. Many of you don't like jumpsuits so I want to show one of my fav cheap skirts because I think every woman should have a skirt in her closet:

This one is a printed skirt and I fell in love at first sight. Its lenght is medium and I think it could be worn by both young girls and women.

It's so colorful and perfect in this cloudy days in my city. I wear it with a white shirt in the colder season and with a white T-shirt, as in the pic, during the spring or summer.

A pair of white sandals or decollete shall complete this cute outfit

Are you a jumpsuits or skirts lover?