martedì, aprile 18

The Eco-Dress Trend In Wedding Fashion: Is It Temporary Or Everlasting

More and more people today are making efforts to save mother nature no matter how small can it be. Whether from our energy needs down to our very basic necessities, most of us are getting aware and are doing the best they can to make this world a better place to live in. This movement can also be seen in fashion especially in wedding dresses as some designers are already incorporating their environmental cause by creating eco-friendly wedding dresses. How can a dress be made “eco-friendly”? Will this fashion revolution be a permanent cause that will be recognized by many or will it be just another fad that will be replaced by another trend?

Definition Of Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses:
An outfit can be considered as ‘eco-friendly’ if all the fabrics and materials used in making the dress were all derived from natural sources. Aside from that, the dying process must be absent from any synthetic chemicals that might harm the atmosphere and ruin the balance of our ecosystem.

Is This Style Enduring Or Short-Lived:
Most fashion experts agree that the trend in eco-friendly wedding dresses will be here to stay because the demand is increasing by the numbers. Some women might have this impression that eco-friendly wedding dresses are not as fashionable as the conventional bridal outfits, but in reality they are as sexy and gorgeous looking like those high end bridal gowns you often see in boutiques. The only difference is that these gowns were only made better.

Take a look at some of these gowns at The Green Guide’s eco wedding dresses and see for yourself:

Besides, The Green Guide also has other special dresses such as plus size gowns and beach/destination wedding dresses. So, no matter what your special needs are, you will be definitely able to find one on their website to suit your needs.

Don’t you think they are all beautiful enough to be worn at your wedding? And judging from how these dresses are made, can you really tell the difference?

Indeed, the trend for eco-friendly wedding gown and dresses is here to stay. This movement will soon be recognized by the whole fashion industry and more and more will be inclined in making these types of dresses for the sake of our environment.