sabato, gennaio 21

A romantic post

Hello friends! How are you? In recent days I made some job interviews but they didn't go as I hoped. I'm looking for a job in a restaurant but it's very hard to get into. I would like the opportunity to cook and learn but unfortunately without experience is impossible. I need to believe that path still exists for me.

Ok, let's talk about something different. I need to relax and go shopping is always a good idea. It's very cold here in January. A lot of shopping online. I bookmarked my top 10 favorite online shopping destinations and pre-loaded my credit card info.  It's so nice having this little chat and write in my blog. It's my web site and it's my home

In this post I want to introduce you a new amazing and interesting site: Here you can find lots of colorful or monochrome dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and accessories perfect for evening or summer parties. I think it's a good opportunity to wear wonderful dresses with low costs. 

Are you ready for my wishlist? Let's do it!

This is a a line chiffon strapless natural beading long evening dress in my favorite color. Blue reminds me night and love. I'm sure you'll wear it for evening dinner or party. 

The corsage has many beads and the model looks like a star. So I suggest you to wear the necklace in the pic. It's perfect and not flashy. This is a romantic dress and we don't want to waste it! For more dresses check out this link sliver evening dresses uk

Are you're looking for purple evening dresses 2017 uk ? Keep reading!

Here is a lovely beaded sweetheart dropped sleeveless evening dresses. I choose this one because I think pink color is so romantic. You can feel you like a romantic peach and wear it for evening party or afternoon wedding maybe in a villa.

This dress is covered with beads and I suggest you to wear a pair of silver sandals. I don't like too many colors combinations so I think it's best if you choose silver accessories. A silver clutch bag and earrings with the same color could be perfect. The gold color is banned!

You can find this dress in party evening gowns uk selection and I'm sure you'll like it. I decided to put this one in my wishlist because it reminds me of the dance essays. I've never made one but it is so cute,lol.

Honestly I think it might be perfect for a wedding. Probably for many of you it might be too short and should be avoided if you get married in church. Me and my boyfriend don't not get married in church so I would like to wear it! It's so sexy and beautiful at the same time.

Gold sandals are so amazing. Simple and fashion as I like. I't an organza dress so it's best to wear not flashy accessories or shoes.

See you in my next post my lovely friends!