venerdì, dicembre 9

Three outfits chosen for you

Hi my beautiful friends, in this post I want to show you three different outfit for three different occasions. I choose some Short mini skirts 2016 that I love and I hope you like them. 

I think it's important to create a wish list before Christmas and you know it. If your boyfriend read your blog, this is a gorgeous idea for him. 

Hey baby, you know what I mean. Let's start guys:

Here is a black elegant a-line mini skirt with some buttons and a cute belt. I think it's so stylish and perfect for this skirt. I would wear a skirt like this for a lunch with my boyfriend because it's so short and sexy. 

I need to feel me beautiful and attractive. Black heels for an elegant outfit and you can take me out!

This navy blue folds casual a-line mini skirt is so cute. I would wear it with a pair of sports shoes. I love the shoes worn by the model and I think they're perfect.

The bow is amazing and its color is ok. In my opinion it would be best to wear a white shirt or a t-shirt. Black and blue are enemies, you know it!

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Are you ready for this purple floral a-line sweet skirt? No? This is my favorite skirt and probably you know it. It's so romantic and awesome. Floral pattern is my fav one because it makes me think of nature, love and passion.

In this period I'm so busy and I need to feel better and carefree. Is it written a poem on this skirt? It could be a great idea baby!

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Bye :)