mercoledì, dicembre 28

My wishlist

Hi sweaters, how are you? How do you spent the Christmas holidays? Me and my boyfriend stayed in Milan. He has worked and we did not have the opportunity to spend Christmas with our families.

On Christmas Day we walked downtown looking for a dress or sweater but I didn't found it. So today I want to take a look on the web. A great idea is the site StyleWe where you can find lots of dresses.

Are you ready?

Black star pattern knitted color-block long sleeved sweater for my first choice. It's so cute and perfetc for winter holiday. I always loved soft and warm sweaters. I find them perfect to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and high heels.

I reccomend you to wear colorful accessories with this sweater. I think it's important give light to the outfit in these cold winter days. A red or yellow bag could be a perfect idea. Do you agree with me?

For more dresses check out this link just fashion now 

This is my fav dress: it's a basic floral crew neck long sleeve paneled mini dress and I would wear for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. I always love mini but elegant dress. Every woman must feel beautiful. Wear makeup, wear a nice dress and a pair of heels is amazing. Being comfortable makes special every day and illuminates your face with a smile.

It's for this reason I choose this dress. It could be perfect for everyone altought I think it's best to wear only if you have a fit body and small boobs. If you have a different body I recommend you to read this blogpost: How to Wear Ruffles with Big Boobs

Here is a traditional japanese garment: red h-line floral resort viscose kimono. If you don't love long kimono, this one is an interesting alternative. It seems like short cardigan and you can wear it with a t-shirt or a bluse. The model is wearing a simple white t-shirt embellished with a red necklace.

I love this color combination and in my opinion it's a great choice. The necklace has the same color of the kimono and it's so cool. It's important not to wear too much colors.

Check this link for more floral kimono
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martedì, dicembre 13

2016 Christmas Wigs Sale In Wigsbuy

Hi, my beautiful friends! In this month I'm very stressed because I can't find a job and I need it. I'm very sad but it's important to smile. Go shopping is one of the methods that I use when I'm down in the dumps. December is a cold month and I prefer yo stay at home so today I want to introduce you an amazing site called Wigsbuy where thre are different kind of wigs.

My favorite ones are 100% human hair wigs but you can buy also Natural Kinky Wigs In Wigsbuy. I have straight hair and one of my dreams is to have curly hair. 


Medium or short curly hair could be perfect for everyone but I think it's important to look good with themselves. I reccomend you this hairstyle if you have oval face. An hairstyle like this gives you brightness and elegance. It's easy to keep tidy and you can avoid using the straightener. If you love the previous pics check out the site for more Natural Kinky Wigs In Wigsbuy. I'm sure you'll like them! They're so curly and amazing! Don't miss 2016 Christmas Wigs Sale In Wigsbuy

Are you a straight hair lover? If you always have to be perfect for your employer (maybe you work in a office or in a fashion shore), you're in the right place. On this site you find lots of different wigs such as Bob Wigs With Bangs In Wigsbuy. You find it in black, brown, red or purple. A large selection for every woman

Bob in the right pic is my favorite hairstyle. I cut my hair like that a dozen times. It's so cute, youghtful and funny. The downside is it's essential to have straight hair. If you have curly hair I do not recommend a similar cut.

The great news is with this wig you'll be always gorgeous and you'll always have perfect hair. What I love about this site is that you can change your look every day. Women love to feel beautiful and this site helps us to do it.

If you're looking for more beautiful Cute Bob Hairstyles In Wigsbuy don't forget to take a look

Kiss for you ^-^

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venerdì, dicembre 9

Three outfits chosen for you

Hi my beautiful friends, in this post I want to show you three different outfit for three different occasions. I choose some Short mini skirts 2016 that I love and I hope you like them. 

I think it's important to create a wish list before Christmas and you know it. If your boyfriend read your blog, this is a gorgeous idea for him. 

Hey baby, you know what I mean. Let's start guys:

Here is a black elegant a-line mini skirt with some buttons and a cute belt. I think it's so stylish and perfect for this skirt. I would wear a skirt like this for a lunch with my boyfriend because it's so short and sexy. 

I need to feel me beautiful and attractive. Black heels for an elegant outfit and you can take me out!

This navy blue folds casual a-line mini skirt is so cute. I would wear it with a pair of sports shoes. I love the shoes worn by the model and I think they're perfect.

The bow is amazing and its color is ok. In my opinion it would be best to wear a white shirt or a t-shirt. Black and blue are enemies, you know it!

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Are you ready for this purple floral a-line sweet skirt? No? This is my favorite skirt and probably you know it. It's so romantic and awesome. Floral pattern is my fav one because it makes me think of nature, love and passion.

In this period I'm so busy and I need to feel better and carefree. Is it written a poem on this skirt? It could be a great idea baby!

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Bye :)

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giovedì, dicembre 1

New hairstyle

Hello my beautiful friends, December is so cute month. Christmas is coming and I need to change my look. The first thing to do is go shopping, the second is to go to the hairdresser. Whenever I'm not happy. The hairstyle is never the way I want. 

Well, I found a way to be happy: is an amazing site. There are a lots of african american wigs, hair extensions, accessories, human hair wigs and style ideas. You can choose color, size and quantity. 

In this post I want to show you my fav hairstyle:

Women 12 Inches Short Straight Full Lace Cap Human Hair

This is a women 12 inches short straight full lace cap human hair. This hairstyle is really beautiful. It is crisp, perky and youthful. I love the bangs and hair color. It is slightly darker than my natural hair but I think it's perfect for the winter.

This is exactly what I always ask my hairdresser but he never do it. I love the fact that they are human hair and I think it's important to make this wig more natural.

Check this link for more celebritywigs:

A kiss for you!
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