martedì, novembre 29

Wide or tight dress?

Hi everyone, how are you? These days I'm bored a lot and the only way to relax is to write on my blog. I love writing and I love discovering new and interesting sites. As you know I love the online apparel sites especially when it comes to wedding dresses. My favorite are wedding dresses site like this one:

Today I want to show you some dresses that I choose for you from Amanda Dress:

This is a ball gown floor-length full-sleeves backless tulle beading beach wedding dress. It's very romantic and perfect for all those women who dream of being princesses. It's crucial that the bride is the center of attention of her guests. 

The bodice is decorated with lots of crystals and it gives light to the bride. Being as flashy I recommend you wear a pair of silver simple earrings. The earrings worn by the model are perfect for this dress. My hair I also collected a lot because I think that an outfit like that should be enhanced.

If you decide to wear this dress it would be better to collect your hair in a ponytail. A dress like this has to be valued and not hidden!

As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love. I think it's one of the most beautiful on this site. It is simple and romantic at the same time. I love the corset because it light the body's bride and her waist. The crystals are perfect for wedding because every bride needs to be special! 

As you can see it's a tight dress but you know I love it and I could never wear a wide one. In my opinion it's ideal only for skinny girls. If you're not skinny you should not wear a dress like this one. You could look like a sausage and we do not want to be teased during the wedding!

The last dress I chose for you is long sleeves hollow all sizes natural classic & timeless church beach a-line wedding dress. I chose this one because I know that not all women love dresses with wide skirts. The dress wraps the model body and makes it unique. It is not always necessary to have a tulle skirt to have a beautiful dress. It's so beautiful and simple. 

I think this dress is perfect for all those women who want their wedding to be celebrated in a church. The breast and arms are covered. It's not a sexy dress but so beatiful. It has a delicate line and I love it!

Check this link for more Sexy Wedding Dresses Australia and let me know which is your fav dress!

Kiss for you :)