martedì, novembre 29

Are you looking for a dress?

Hello my beautiful friends, as you can see I love discovering new clothes site for you. Today I want to show a new one called Amobridal. Here you find a lot of wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, formal dresses and wedding accessory. Every woman loves clothes and every woman loves shopping. I think it's an important side of our life and passion!

In this post I'll create a wish list for you on Let's start!

Scoop Gorgeous Sweep/Brush Train Sleeveless Beading Sequin Tulle Dress Darwin

Here is a scoop gorgeous sweep/brush train sleeveless beading sequin tulle dress darwin really cute. The corset is amazing and so bright. I think it's the most beautiful corset in this site. I love the crystal and tulle combination. It's so delicious with its wedding style. 

Earrings worn by the model are really beautiful and perfect for this outfit. I think it's important to wear accessories in keeping with the dress. A pair of earrings in pearls for example would not be suitable.

If you click on the link under the pic you can see the whole dress. It has a long and wide skirt. This kind of skirt doesn't highlight woman's hips because it's not a tight dress.

Which one do you prefer?
Let me know!