martedì, ottobre 25

Change your look with omgnb

Hi guys, how are you? In recent days I want to change my hair look. I think it's important to feel good about themselves and love each other. I'd like to completely change my hair look but I don't think I have courage to do it. A great idea would be to use hair extensions. I found a very interesting site called omgnb.

This site is full of human hair extensions and I love it! In this post I want to share with you my wishlist, let's start:

As soon as I saw these extensions I fell in love. I love model hair color and her waves. I think they are perfect together and take a summer touch to the look. Clip in Hair Extension are perfect if need to change your look in a quick and easy way. You can choose color proportions but I think the proportion like in the pic is amazing!

I always dreamed of doing the ponytail but I always had short hair. With these extensions you can have a gorgeous ponytail. The extensions are made of human hair, which makes it very realistic! You can choose the lenght and the color of your ponytail. Click on the pic for "how to wear".

Follow this link for more Human Hair Ponytail

Have you always want to color your hair in a crazy color? Here's how to do it with this Micro Loop Hair Extension. I love blue and I love these extensions! Aren't they cute?

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