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Let me dream with Modabridal

During this month I am attending a course in accounting and I have no time to this blog. Often I dream of a different life, a different work and house. It would be nice to have a biggger house with a garden and some kitten. In this warm Sunday in late July I'm thinking about love.

I do not know when I get married, but I am sure that the search for my wedding dress will be a challenge. I don't like anything but on my fav site called Modabridal, I found it! I am torn between three dresses. They are all similar and you can easily guess my taste. I want to feel a sexy princess.

I hate baggy clothes and I want a tight wedding dress that values my body. Let's check out my whilist:

This is a designed lancaster elegant a-line sweetheart floor-length tulle wedding dress with beading lace and I love it. Look at the bodice. isn't amazing? It's very bright thanks to the waist bell. The waist belt is really nice but I think it's important to have a slender body and a narrow waist. All eyes will be focused there! 

If we look in detail the bodice, we will notice that it is decorated. We have flowers on the sides of the model torso. I always love this kind of decorations and I think they are very romantic. Flowers are an important part of the wedding and every bride wants to have them. If I wore this dress I think that I would fill the church of white roses. They are the symbol of purity and chastity. In this dress the skirt falls soft on the model hips. Tulle is the main material and perfect. The body is linear, elegant and sensual.

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Here is a fashionable lancaster charming a-line v-neckline floor-length wedding dress. I think it's my fav one. I saw this dress on the site and now I'm in love. I really love the v-neck even though I think it essential to have a prosperous breast. I'm not so lucky but I want to dream. 

The v-neck highlights the chest due to the presence of some bright decorations. The dress is embellished and really sexy. We find them on the shoulder, front and back. If you click the link below the pic you can find more pics. The back is uncovered and embellished. 

I love this dress and I think it can be perfect for me. It is narrow at the waist and not too soft on the hips. It light up the body and makes every woman unique and special. This is important! 

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Which one do you prefer?
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