giovedì, luglio 28

Cheap clothing on FashionMia

I'm taking the train to Bologna tomorrow and I'm so happy. I'm packing up but I don't know what dresses to take with me. I think it's best to look for inspiration on the web. It's fun and it's worth it. In this post I want to show you some dresses I picked up on FashionMia:

I'm sure you find some cute fashion bluse:

Here is my first choice: loose fitting single breasted spaghetti strap cotton printed striped long-sleeve-T-Shirts. I love this one and I think it's perfect for everyday outfit. You can wear it with jeans or leggins. I definitely prefer skinny jeans. Leggins are not sexy but we are all different. 

The model wear white leggins and I really like it. White remind blouse color, in this way we have only two color. In my opinion it' best not to wear too many colors. Be a traffic light is not allowed! 

For this outfit I would wear black heel sandals. They' re so sexy and perfect for a walk downtown.

Here is a asymmetrical collar bluse really cute and perfect for a drink with friends. The asymetrical is perfect if you haven't a fit body. With this blouse you can cover your hips and feel better. Feel good with your body is important but you have to feel strong and confident everyday. 

I wear this blouse with black pants as in the pic and black heel. I love this color range and I think they're perfect for the evening. 

Check out this link for more womens clothing online:

It's a casual oversized polka dot blouses and when I saw it I feel in love. Dots are so cute and fresh. You can wear this dress in every occasions. I'd rather wear it for a business lunch or for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. A red clutch and red heels would be perfect. Bag and shoes should be the same shade of red!
Which one do you prefer?
Kiss you ^-^