martedì, giugno 28

Eccentric dresses on StyleWe

Blogging relaxes me a lot and makes me not think about everyday problems. In recent years I have carved out a small space on the web. I am proud of it. Having a blog gives me a chance to open my mind, to compare myself with people and build relationships with the public. This is a fashion blog and what I love to do is to discover new talent.

Today I want to introduce you to a very interesting site called StyleWe where you can find some dresses. Some of them are create by really talented designers.

In this post I pick up some dresses that I love and share with you my personal wishlist. My first choice is:

This is a red crew neck plain cotton-blend casual tank designed by Annakiki (Anna Yang). Her brand is independent, modern, fun, ridiculous and anti-traditional. We can see a perfect mix of sensuality and comfort. The crew neck makes me think of a chaste dress. The neck is well covered as if to highlight the legs uncovered. 

The casual tank color is red, the color of love and passion. When you look at the skirt you are thinking of love. The decorations seems to be roses. Movement and elegance are my two keywords to describe this dress. 

Are you falling in love with designer Annakiki dresses?

This black plain tiered casual mini skirt has caught my eyes. It is a perfect mix of sacred and profane. Dare is the watchword. The casual style of this top is in contrast with the skirt. 

The belly is in the foreground and slightly hidden from the hands model. This shyness creates a clear break with the elegance of the skirt. The plain pattern is balanced, tidy and symmetrical. 

Red sleeveless stripes crew neck is cheeky, fun and eccentric. The transgressive 70s go against, flaunt and shows us a new fashion. The psychedelic stripes draw attention. This new style brings out the uniqueness of the clothes. 

The top is sleeveless, crew neck and tied at the waist as if to emphasize thinness. On the hips it appears wider and looks turn into a dress. The pants become tight and wide at the bottom. 

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