giovedì, aprile 21

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Hi guys how are you? I have not disappeared but have been very busy with themselves and with the cooking page. In these days of spring I want to change my closet and I can't wait to wear a T-shirt. Lately I've been just wearing sweats and sneakers. I should go shopping but I decided to take a look at this site:

Here you can find some t shirts for cheap with amazing colors. I think it's important to renew the closet! Every woman loves to feel beautiful. A dress, a makeup, a bag can help to make anyone special.

In this post I want to pick up some cheap t-shirt online:

This is the first t-shirt I chose. I love the blue, bare shoulders and V neck. I think it is cute with a pair of white shorts. The combination chosen by the site is really nice and perfect for me.

You can find it also in black and camel. I think the cutest color is blue. It is adaptable to any outfit. We can wear it with a pair of jeans. You can see this combination if you click on the link under the pic. Personally I would avoid the miniskirt. I do not think it is suitable!

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Here is the second t-shirt that I have chosen for you. As you can see in the pic, this one looks like a little dress. I must admit that it is very short but I think that in the summer you can dare. 
It has a design reminiscent of the mosaics. In my opinion it have something fantastic and surreal. If you check out the pattern on the site, you read "bohemian printed". 

I'd wear it with a gold necklace and gold clutch. Which shoes would you wear? Let me know!

Here's the shirt that I like the most. I find it sexy and sophisticated. It is perfect with a skirt. In this way we have a tailleur suitable for any event. As you can see, this t-shirt has some decoration and beading. Let's take a look:

This shirt is available in both white and black but I think white is much more beautiful. Which one do you prefer?

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