martedì, aprile 26

Best hair buy and my happiness

Hello guys, who follow me on Instagram will already know that I have been to the hairdresser. Lately I wanted to change the look. Hairdresser cut lots of hair. I must admit that I haven't yet got used to having so short hair. I would like to have long hair.

Unfortunately they grow quite slowly and the only way to change look is to use the extensions. Few days ago I found a very interesting site called Besthairbuy . Look at this amazing pics:

On the left side you have before and on the right side you have after. The result is really beautiful and real. The girl seems to have real hair. There is indeed the possibility to use clip in hair like these one:

Often women with straight hair wish of wavy hair. Here's an example: on the left side we have "before" and on the right side we have "after". I love this result and I think it's perfect for all those women who are not happy of their look and they want to change.

If you do not want a complete extensions look but you want to have only hair strands I recommend you click here on virgin hair for more ideas!

Check this link for more extensions: