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Organic lipsticks for winter

It’s freezing cold outside, raining, windy and downright miserable. At this time of the year when the days are darker and shorter, when the weather seems to have a personal vendetta against you and you forsake trends to wrap up as warmly as possible, makeup and cosmetics can be your saving grace.

My personal favourite way of giving your look some uplift is by adding a splash of colour to the lips: although only a small area of your face, they can be made to be the focal point of attention for your look, distracting from your haphazard, wind-blown hair and the mish-mash of scarves, hats and gloves you’ve got going on. We all have our favourite lipstick brands, but this winter it might be worth looking for some organic and natural alternatives. Your lips are some of the most sensitive and delicate pieces of skin on your body so it’s important that they are kept moisturised and nourished as much as possible. Many mainstream lipstick brands can contain harsh synthetic colours and preservatives that can irritate and aggravate lips for the sake of a high-fashion finish, as well as being detrimental to the environment in production.

At, we think swapping in your mainstream lipsticks for these natural alternatives will make a big difference to your skincare but will still deliver polished results that we’ve come to expect.

We’ve listed our favourite brands and the colours we’ll be wearing this winter:

Annemarie Borlind
A company originating in Germany in 1947, Annemarie Borlind is a cosmetics company that sources its ingredients from natural products like plants, avoiding nasty petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and synthetic dyes, looking to create high quality makeup that is clean and pure. Their lipstick has a twofold function: providing great colour that is right up to date with the latest beauty trends but that also serves to nourish your lips, conditioning and preventing them from drying out and chapping.

This vegetarian, animal-friendly formula, comprising of beeswax, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and cocoa, is creamy and long-lasting. We love this Rosewood shade: dark and moody, it is more mature than your average hue and will make a great option for a night out of dancing and cocktails.

Vapour Siren   
Vapour have established an impeccable reputation for providing 100% natural products that also adhere to the most popular beauty trends. They are a testament to the fact that using natural products does not equate to a poor finish or niche, unlikable colours. In the place of parabens, silicones and petrochemicals found in mainstream brands, Vapour contains 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals, ranging from beeswax, plum and apricot to rose, jojoba, lemon balm and naturally occurring Vitamin E. This will leave your lips protected and nourished when presented with harsh winter weather whilst the colour remains intact and on-trend. We would opt for the Saucy: tinted tomato coral shade.

Although the idea of wearing an orange shade can be quite intimidating, coral is incredibly versatile, adding a high-fashion pop to clash with some of the cleaner and brighter hues you’re wearing this winter, or with the richer autumnal shades that are around this season.

Certified organic by NaTrue is this lipstick, hailing from Australia. Like many lipstick brands, Nvey are aware that to be successful (and to really change the world and its beauty habits) that not only do innovative recipes and formulas need to be pioneered, but the products we use have to be luxurious and fashion forward. Nvey have this down to a tee, incorporating cool, contemporary shades with 100% natural ingredients, free from talc, bismuth oxychloride and carmine. Instead, this vegetarian formula, comprising of beeswax, makes use of safflower, castor oil and Vitamin E to create a smooth finish that will look great whilst also leaving your lips smooth and nourished after use. We love the cool-as-you-come ‘Nude Frosted Shine’ shade, which is a light and bright pink that will make a great piece for everyday use.

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