giovedì, dicembre 10

My wishlist on Newchic

Hi guys, how are you? I am fond of this space and write allows me to relax. I would rather end this day in another way but I do not want to talk about. It is important for me to dedicate my day off to this blog. 

Today I decided to create a wish list. Every woman dreams and every woman loves shopping. I think this thing is part of all of us. During this month I had no time for shopping. The only way to change my closet is to buy online. A few days ago I discovered a site full of low cost dresses and accessories:

I chose this dress because it's red. As we know red is the color of Christmas and this one would be perfect for this month. I likedits fit because I love tight clothes around the waist and hips. Obviously I think this kind of dress is suitable for a lean physique because it's very snug on the hips.

In this post I created three different outfit for three different dresses. I think it is useful to match a dress to a certain type of shoes or handbag. 

Are you ready to see my first proposal?

I decided to match a pair of red sandals because it is the predominant color dress. I chose these shoes because I'm not a lover of monocolor. They fascinated me from the beginning with a low price. Taking a look at the site I love the clutch that you can see in the previous pic. I think that a dress like that is perfect to wear to a romantic evening. When we go out in the evening we do not need a big bag but a small bag that can hold only your wallet, lipstick and tissues. Do you agree with me?

This dress is designed for summer. We note a purely summer pattern and short sleeves. I opted for this fantasy because I hate the monotony. I'm not particularly fond of spotted but I must admit that I love this dress. I would wear for an afternoon at the park or for a walk downtown.

Let's see my outfit:

In this outfit I decided to pick a white backpack. I think it's perfect for a walk in the park. Inside the backpack I put a towel, a water bottle and a book. During the summer I love to take walks in nature, but every time I bring with me a small bag. Backpack I have chosen is roomy and casual.

In Milan during the summer is very hot and for me it is essential to wear comfortable shoes and fresh. Loafers are perfect if you want to spend many hours away from home.

Style: Fashion,Sexy
Material: Lace,Polyester
Clothing Length: Knee-Lenght
Sleeve Length:Long Sleeves

After a sporty outfit, I decided to put in this post an elegant dress. I obviously opted for the black one because it is the elegant color par excellence. I love the lace sleeves and I think make this dress very sensual. The transparencies are fabulous. 

I obviously decided to include in this outfit a pair of heels. Because I do not wear the high heels I chose a pair of shoes with a medium heel. I think they are much more portable. 

In this case I chose a clutch bag in shades of black and silver. I recommend wearing a pair of silver earrings.

Which is your favorite?
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