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Cocktail Dresses on Prom times

Hi guys how are you? In Milan it's cold. These days there is a lot of moisture. The fog penetrates the bones and I'm craving the summer. Today I want to think about the short and summer dresses. Right now I'm wearing a heavy sweater, the opaque tights and slippers. I know it's counterintuitive but what can I do?

Here I am to introduce a site really interesting and full of clothes:

On this site you can find some amazind dresses. Here is the categories:
- Prom Dresses 2016
- Prom Cocktail/Dresses 2016
- In stock Prom Dresses
- Evening Dresses UK
- Wedding Dresses UK

If it is the first time you buy a dress online , you read their FAQs first. I want to show you my wish-list about cocktail dresses:

This is the first dress I chose: I opted for the black although usually I prefer brighter colors. This one dress is in fact also available in blue and red. I liked it right away the sleek and dark cut that this dress has. I love the bodice and I think it's perfect for everyone. 

The wide skirt to hide the extra kilos but at the same time it emphasize the waist. The bodice is indeed tight at the waist. I recommend that you measure your body to order the right size!

If you have blond hair you can get an idea thanks to the model. If you have dark hair I recommend you apply make-up with colors that accentuate your eyes. A good ideas could be the silver or gold.

Let's see the second one:

I decided to add this dress because I love blue. Yes, blue is my favorite color and my closet is full of clothes of this color. This dress has a cut really elegant though it is tight at the waist. I think it's best for all those women who are slim constitution. It is tight both in waist and especially on the hips. It's not nice to look like a sausage!

As you can see from the pics, this dress leaves the back uncovered. If you decide to wear it in the evening I suggest you bring a shawl in your bag. The thing I love most is that this one is also suitable in winter, provided you wear a heavy coat. With this dress I recommend wearing silver accessories. I always loved the combination of blue and silver. A good idea is to wear pearl. I like model earrings!

Personally I would wear this dress at New Year because I find it elegant and sexy at the same time.

Let's see my last choice:

This dress is perfect for everyone. It is romantic, elegant and pure at the same time. If I were to get married tomorrow, I would wear it. I've always loved simple clothes but beautiful. I love the dresses with one shoulder. Embellishments are so cute, they look like flowers. I find this dress perfect for a ceremony. It is also available in red:

Don't forget to check this link for cocktail dresses: 

Which one do you prefer?
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  1. Il primo abito e gli ultimi due mi piacciono molto, il secondo mi piace come colore ma quel modello su di me sarebbe un vero disastro :-)

  2. Mamma mia sono uno più bello dell'altro...complimenti per le scelte postate

  3. Troppo carino il primo, mi piace davvero tanto! Anche i prezzi non sono male!

  4. Che meraviglie, mi piacciono tutti ed adatti a varie occasioni direi, i prezzi poi sono ottimi

  5. Vestiti da cocktail meravigliosi ! Il primo si avvicina moltissimo al mio stile !

  6. Conosco questo shop, i capi sono davvero stupendi e non costano molto, praticamente l'ideale.

  7. Che belli che sono, conosco il sito i prezzi sono molto competitivi!

  8. in vista delle feste di fine anno un bell'abito da sera mi manca...corro a visitare il sito per vedere qualcosa da indossare a Capodanno!

  9. Questi abiti sono stupendi, l'ultimo lo adoro!

  10. Those dresses look amazing! I love them all!

    Just found out about yout blog and I love it :)

    Follow you for sure!
    Would you like to follow me back?
    Kisses and husg!

    Enchanted Ana

  11. so beautiful dresses and really thanks for your sharing!
    Fashion Designer Wedding Dresses


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