mercoledì, luglio 15

Two Piece Bandage Dresses from Kissmiss

Goodmorning friends! How are you? Having a few days off, I decided to spend the weekend at the beach. Me and my boyfriend went in Abruzzo from my in-laws. Every year we spend a few days at their home. Have a house by the sea is always nice and we decided to take advantage. Saturday morning I packed my suitcase and I put lots of summer dresses. I noticed, however, have only few dresses bought last year. I've always been fascinated by the colors and I think it's important to be sexy. Browse through now and check a lot of  sexy two piece bandage dresses. Here you can shop by style, neckline, colors and element.

Before you buy a dress online it is essential to measure your body . In this way we can choose the right size for us . The site has made ​​a small guide to help customers in the measurement . Here's how:

In this post I decided to pick up some dresses that I like. Let's see my wish-list:

This is a summer dress with knee-lenght. I choose this one because I really love the combination of lace and bare shoulders. A sleeveless dress is so sexy, don't you? As soon as I saw this dress I love the bodice. I think it's important to have small breasts to avoid be vulgar. I love the transparency but are sometimes excessive. This lace dress is perfect and gives gives purity to the wearer.

The skirt has a lining and this allows you to hide the forms and avoid showing the underwear in public. Often I get to see very short dresses that leave nothing to the imagination. Exceeded eighteen, it is important to dress in a appropriate way to each situation.

The world requires a special dress for any time of day. I would wear this one for a beach party with swimsuit underneath. If you live in the city, I suggest you wear it for an afternoon aperitif. I find this dress not suitable for the evening. As you can see from the pic this dress is also available in pink. This color gives a touch of heartedness dress.

On the site we can read: "The colorful floral pattern on the skirt is tempered with a high-neck sleeveless black top. This classy yet still youthful outfit is perfect for adding color to cold winter evenings or for when you're vacationing in a warmer destination and bathing in the beauty of the evening's sunset".

I chose this dress because I love the skirt. If you go shopping in recent months, you should have seen that the floral pattern is present in all clothing stores.We can see this type of decoration both on T-shirts and on the skirts or on the dresses. 

KissMiss decided to sell a dress with a black top and a flowered skirt. I find this choice very appropriate and in line with the current fashion. Having so many colors in the skirt, it is important to wear a top in monocolor. I'm really like the combination you have chosen!

If you want to enrich your wardrobe, don't forget to buy this dress. A cropped silhouette top with plunging V neckline is perfect for you. I decided to put this dress because I liked the model. I think it's important not to show always anorexic models. She reminds me Kim Kardashian. As you know, she hasn't a thin body but she is really beautiful.

This dress is perfect for those with a size greater than 42 but wants to feel sexy. From the pic we can see that this dress tends to bind the hips but I think this is positive because the model appears really sexy. In this dress we have an elegant skirt set and could wear independently as you like for a personal style.

Which one do you prefer?
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