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My ispiration on Cocomelody

Hi guys, how are you? Today I finished work at 2 pm so I decided to spend a little time here. Writing a post relaxes me and it allows me to think about what I would buy. This month I received a very good salary due to summer holidays. I would like to buy some evening dress because lately I bought day dresses. Lately I've been going out for dinner and it is important for me to have so many different outfits to wear. Yes, I admit it: this is just an excuse. Every woman loves to have a closet full of clothes. My rescue came the site Cocomelody where you can find a lot of homecoming dresses:

In this blogpost I want to show you some of my favorite dresses that I'd love to buy as soon as possible. Here you can see some inspirations:

This is a charming asymmetrical sweetheart natural high-low chiffon dress. Its color is an amazing royal blue. This is really amazing and it reminds me of the night and the beauty of the stars. The combination of blue and black is always beautiful. 

The embroidery on the bodice is able to make this dress so special. Obviously you'll need a strapless bra because this dress has a bodice. This clarification is going to seem obvious but I assure you it is not. Often I see girls with beautiful clothes and bras with straps. I find this thing really inelegant for a woman. Fortunately in most shops of underwear we can find strapless bras!

I decided to add this pic to show you the dress in all its glory. As you can see, we have a sleeveless dress and I find it wonderful. As a child, I always loved similar clothes. This one has captured my attention immediately because it has the short skirt in front and long behind. At the wedding of the sister of my boyfriend I wore a similar one but in pink color. I think this kind of skirt makes your legs really sexy. 

The model of the site wearing a pair of silver sandals. I find that this choice is perfect because the sandals are similar to the bracelets. I would wear this dress for an elegant dinner in a restaurant. I think that is not suitable for a night at the club because the skirt has a train. I am afraid that other people might step on.

In this pic you can see a fabulous a-line sweetheart natural short-mini chiffon purple sleeveless zipper party dress with ruched and crystals. As soon as I saw this dress, I fell in love with purple. Usually I hate this color because I find that it is not suitable for me. I like this dress and I think I would be really good. 

These days are really tanned even though I spent only one day at sea. Tan and purple should be beautiful. Surely the tan will be emphasized by the decoration on the bodice. I love the crystal inserts and I think that they will make the dress really nice. 

The silver bodice illuminates the breast and face. The body of a woman should always be bright and we can do that using the silver. The skirt present in this dress is short and bulky. If you do not have the slender legs, I will not recommend this dress. I'm afraid that might overemphasize them. 

This dress would be suitable for a night at the club because it has a very short skirt and it is so sexy. A pair of sandals blacks or silver would be ideal!

The last dress I chose for you is a glamour a-line high neck natural short-mini organza green sleeveless key hole party dress with beading and sashes. The green water is one of my favorite colors, after the blue. This color reminds me of the fairy tales and princesses even though I am aware that the predominant color is pink. The bodice has a part in beige organza. I think the site has chosen to match them in a natural color because it can blend with the skin of the wearer. In my opinion, I would have preferred that there had not. It would have been nice a simple corsage.

I love this dress and its organza skirt. Personally I find that this fabric is really amazing. I love the softness of the skirt. Being a wide skirt, it should be suitable for all women because it tend to hide the extra pounds.

 Dont' forget to visite the site for more cheap short homecoming dresses

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