lunedì, luglio 20

It's time to think about marriage

Hi guys, today is my day off and I'm really happy to have a bit' of time to rest. Last night I did not sleep because of the weather. Milan is very hot in these days and I 'm suffering a lot. At home we don't have air conditioning but just a fan. 

This morning, taken by despair, I decided to clean house and turn on the PC. In the homepage of my account I saw some photos of my friend's wedding. She got married a few days ago and she was beautiful. It is strange to think that we have engaged the same year in which I am engaged and today is a married woman. 

Waiting for better times, I decided to fantasize and search for a wedding dress. The choice is always difficult and therefore it is important to start early. In this post I decided to pick up some pretty wedding dresses that I liked the most.

This is the first dress I chose. I loved it from the first time. I find it elegant and perfect for me. The decorations on the straps and on the waits are so cute. They illuminate the face and torso of the bride . With this dress every woman is beautiful.

Silver color is my favorite and I think a pair of silver earrings would be perfect for this dress. I would prefer not to wear a necklace as the bodice is decorated.

The price is USD $143.29

This is the first time for a pair of wedding gloves. I do not normally wear it but I must admit that when I saw them I fell in love. They are really elegant, refined and perfect for a wedding dress like the one in the pic above.

I think it's important to wear a simple dress because the gloves play a major role. If you have a highly patterned dress, I not advise you to wear gloves but to opt for a bracelet .

Gloves price: USD $16.99

Here is the second dress I decided to include in this post. I thought I'd show you a particular dress like this one. At first sight it might seem too rich in details but I can assure you that is really nice. The site contains some customers photos and decorations are real and so beautiful. It is a dress very rich and not suitable for everyone.

The price is: USD $194.39

Here are some ideas on how to match this wedding dress. The collage in the picture above is taken from the site but I really like it. We can find a couple of ideas for both the shoes and the accessories.

The shoes on the right side of the pic are definitely my favorite. They reflect my taste and I find them much nicer than the one on the left. I think it is too simple for a wedding. The earrings and the ring are really cute. I think it is essential to use simple accessories with a linear cut!

This wedding dress is meant for all those women who love traditions. The skirt is wide and the bride looks like a princess. Almost all women dream of their wedding from an early age. It is precisely for this reason that I decided to choose this dress.

I like the fact that it is a blend of tradition and modernity. The bodice is tight as I like it and emphasizes the body shape. If you have beautiful breasts, you 'll be fine but be careful not to become vulgar. Remember that the neckline is very deep.

The price is: USD $ 230.19

In this outfit you will find shoes and accessories that I chose. Let's begin with necklace. It is a glamorous alloy with pearl and in this set is including necklace and earrings. The length of necklace is 40 cm and the length of extended chain is 5cm. The color is white.I think that accessories should always be white or silver. During a wedding it is important not to choose eccentric colors because I am convinced that the bride should be elegant.

Necklace price: USD$ 38.99

I decided to put a pair of shoes with high heels. As you can see from the pic, these shoes have decorations in the back. I am aware that not everyone like them but I think they are a really nice. This is a little idea and you can wear only the shoes or just necklace!

Shoes Price: USD$ 86.99

Which is your favorite dress?
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