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Hi guys how are you? In Milan it is really hot and I can not sleep. In this days like I think about winter and snow. I love to stay under the duvet and have a good tea. Often my evenings with my boyfriend are like this. All this combined with a good movie is really my favorite night. 
Today I want to introduce you to a clothing site very interesting and with cheap prices called 

On this site you can find:
- wedding apparel: wedding and bridesmaid dresses
- dresses for special occasion
- fashion&clothing
- shoes: sandals and boots
- accessories: bags, jewelry and bedding
- products ships in 24h
- sale& topic

The prices are very low and the shipping is really fast! In this post I want to show you some cheap winter coats: I created three different outfits for you.

Here is the first one:

Here you can see a lapel wool blends coat and its price is $ 35.29

This coat is perfect for all those women who want to feel sexy even in winter. I think it's important to be beautiful even in winter. Many women tend to take care of their appearance only in the summer but I think it's important to take care of himself in all seasons. Personally I love the winter and I love to have a sensual clothes.

Check this link for more cheap winter coats:

This is a luxurious slim PU fur coat and its price is $ 86.79

I decided to choose a coat with an extravagant color because I know many of you love the bright colors. Purple is one of the colors that I wear less. I am aware that this is perfect for women with brown hair. I don't know how it could be for a woman with blond hair and fair skin. It is a bright color and flashy and I chose a sober outfit. I do not like jumbles of colors! 
Those who know me for a long time know that I love the black dresses. I think every woman should have one in the closet. The black is sexy and all of us should feel beautiful. In this outfit I chose a very simple black dress. As you can see from the pic, it has a slight curl on the shoulder. I love this thing. 

I decided to combine this dress with a pair of high-heeled shoes. They have a special feature: they are made of black suede but with a leopard pattern near the ankle. 

In this outfit I chose a suede stiletto heels but if you prefer you can wear flats shoes:

Let's see my third coat:

Here you can see a leopard one button coat with a price of $ 55.19.

The last coat I chose has a leopard pattern. I admit that I have never been a lover of this kind of pattern but I love this one. I honestly do not know if I would wear it because I'm afraid that might trivialize my figure. The coat isn't long and it makes the legs so sexy. The model wears a pair of flesh-colored tights and in this way, customers can see the coat length. 

Let's see which outfit I decided to create for you:

Also in this case the outfit style is simple but refined. I think you understand what kind of taste I have. I fell in love at first sight of this blouse. The decorations on the neck are beautiful and elegant. I really like the cuffs with the same decorations. I think they give a touch of class to the outfit. 

Here I put a blouse but nothing prohibits wearing womens hoodies. Check this link for more sleeveless hoodies:

Which outfit do you prefer?
A kiss


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  1. Tutto molto elegante, bello l'abito nero, favoloso quello viola ed anche le scarpe non sono niente male. ..certo un bel tacchetto!

  2. L'abito nero è molto bello ma anche quello viola non mi dispiace affatto

  3. adoro il primo questo sito ci sono tante cosine carineeeeeeeeeee

  4. Adoro gli abiti ed i capi di abbigliamento che offre questo sito. Amo sfogliarlo come se fosse un catalogo ed ho una wishlist lunghissima.

  5. il secondo stile mi piace molto...curato e particolare in ogni minimo dettaglio.....è davvero meravigliosa l'eleganza degli accessori

  6. Ciao sembrano di finissima qualità i prodotti che hai evidenziato, grazie per le dritte...

  7. tutto favoloso adoro il terzo outfit mi piace la borsetta con l'orsetto

  8. Conosco il sito, ci sono cosine davvero molto interessanti.

  9. Sono dei capi molto belli ed eleganti davvero, quella borsetta è strepitosa!

  10. Cconosco anche io questo sito spesso ho fatto acquisti mi sono sempre trovata bene


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