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Yes My Bride

Hi friends, these days I'm looking at a lot of wedding dresses. No, I'm not going to marry me but I want to be prepared for that day. Find a suitable outfit for a ceremony is always difficult. I dare not imagine how complicated it is to find the wedding dress. Every bride wants to be perfect and wants to be a princess. It is important to try more dresses. "Every woman should have access to top quality products no matter what their wedding budget may be".

On you can buy some wedding dresses like these one:

The most important thing is that you can design your own dress.

From designers, pattern-makers, tailors, to highly skilled sewing, beading, embroidery and decoration workers, all with working experience for no less than 5 years. YesMyBride only use top-quality fabrics, such as Taiwan soft mesh, French lace, US organza, that are the foundation of a top dress which is made by hand.

When a customization request is accepted, if necessary, our professional designer will draw the shetch of your custom dress for you, with no deposit required. Any design elements such as the styles, materials and colors are allowable. You may provide pictures and creative to depict your dream dress.

If you have a photo of your dress, you can put it directly on the site clicking on "I have my own image" or click on "I have nothing" if you don't have it.

For any special requests, you can follow this guide:

1) Choose the silhouette:

2) Choose the lenght:

3) Chose the neckline:

4) Choose the waistline:

Now you can choose the skirt, the train and the veil in the same way.

5) Choose the lace patterns:

3) If you have the measurements you can add clicking on "Add Measurements":

After entering the measures, click on "Confirm". Now we are at the step 2:

Click on "Step 3" to order the dress.

About the payment:
Safe and easy, PayPal provides strong protection for your payment in YesMyBride, no need to worry about security.

About the shipment:
We ship every dress with strong and beautiful box, you can even give it as a fancy and lovely gift to your family or friends.
Design your own dress!