lunedì, maggio 18

I have nothing in my closet

Hi guys, how are you? 
How many times have you heard the phrase "I have nothing in my closet"? 
I do not deny I said it too often. Women want clothes for all occasions and love to buy clothes. Those who work all day does not have time to go shopping. The only way to renew your wardrobe is to buy online. Fortunately now I work more hours per week. That means spending more time at work. More work also means having less free time. 

The desire to have new clothes never fails and then I like to look for online apparel like:

In this post I decided to show you my favorite clothes:

This is a sheah beading floor-length one-shoulder front-split evening dress

Market Price: USD $ 480.00
Weddingshe Price : USD$ 150.99 
70% off

I chose this dress because I love the glitter on the arm and down the leg. I find that they make the dress sexy and perfect for an evening gallant. The play of transparency is very sensual. If you have any extra pounds, I will not recommend this dress because I think that tends to highlight the physical defects. If you like this dress, buy it in black. It is much better because black leans.

To choose the color click on "Please select the color". There are lots of point of color. I chose white because I think in summer is beautiful. Being of small stature, with this dress I would wear a pair of sandals in white. The glitter are very noticeable so I would avoid using colored shoes.

My friend would wear black sandals but I think that black is not suitable. This dress is very bright and you must use clear shoe. Probably a pair of silver sandals might be fine.

Cheap evening dresses are ready for you!

Let's see my second choise:

Here is a sexy column/sheath front-split beading backless evening dress

Market Price: USD $ 531.00
Weddingshe Price : USD$ 173.89 
70% off

This dress is simply gorgeous. The thing that impressed me the most was the open back. The neckline is very deep and it's important to have a beautiful body. Although I'm not a model I'm sure this dress I could be comfortable.

Another part I really like is transparency on arms. This game makes the body light and beautiful. It would be fabulous with a tan. Currently my skin is white but I can not wait to be able to wear it.

I have no dress like this one but I think every woman should have one. I think it's perfect for a party in a disco beautiful date of this glitter. I would wear this dress with a pair of sandals with heels . The shoes worn by the model are fabulous. I would choose exactly these. 

I love this clothing site because it give you ideas on combinations.

Click on the link below for more sexy evening dresses:

Here is my last choise:

This is a glamour v-neck beading a-line floor-length evening dress

Market Price: USD $ 550.00
Weddingshe Price : USD$ 182.99
70% off

Here is a perfect dress for an evening ceremony. As you know, in the day marriages it would be best not to wear a long dress. It is not a written rule but I think that you know it. If a marriage is celebrated in the evening, it is allowed to wear a long dress.

I opted for a blue dress and I love the decorations on the bodice. I find them very romantic and beautiful. These decorations are highlighted by a sweetheart neckline.

On the back we have a v -neck. Usually I do not like this type of necklines but I must admit that it is very beautiful. It makes the dress elegant but not vulgar. When I choose a dress I always try to choose something inconspicuous. I'm not an eccentric girl but I love to get dressed in a cute way. 

I think this dress is perfect for me . I love this point's color and I'd like to wear a pair of earrings of the same color. I know it's hard to find the same shade. If you do not succeed, I would use a pair of silver earrings because I love the combination of blue and silver.

Don't forget to visit this link for more cheap evening dresses:

Which one do you prefer?
A kiss, Cristina