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Dresswe Cheap Homecoming and Maxi Dresses

Hello friends, how are you? These days I'm working very hard for this blog. This website is really important because it allows me to relax. Write a post after a working day is really nice. Writing makes me switch off and rest the brain. Today I decided to spend my evening to write a new post. Who follows me knows that I am publishing posts dedicated to clothing. In this post I want to show you some long & short cheap homecoming dresses from embellished by chic. This site ships products all over the world every day. Let's start with some amazing dresses:

This is a pretty A-line jewel neck lace short-length homecoming/sweet 16 dress. Its price is 99.39 $.

I chose this dress because I love the lace. I find it really sexy mainly in clothes like this one. The bodice is fabulous although is suitable for girls from lean physique because of transparency. The skirt is wide and it can be worn even to those who haven't a slender body. The part that struck me the most is the back. I love the lace in this point. I find it really sexy and perfect. The lace is capable of exalting the body of a woman .

I love the white, especially in summer. I find it a very versatile color and we can play with the accessories. I would wear a pair of light blue or green shoes. I think it's important to have fun with colors and play a little. We are women and we love to combine different shoes and bags. The only rule is to have the bag and shoes of the same color. I do not like jumbles of colors!

You can find more dresses at this link:

Here is a concise simple one shoulder a-line short homecoming dress and its price is 56.87 $. I chose this one because I love this color. I wore a similar dress to the wedding of my sister's boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, the pink is not suitable for all skin tones. If you have fair skin, you look at the other clothes that I have chosen for you. If you have a dark or slightly skin this dress is suitable for you. 

The special feature is at the top of the dress. It has a draped bodice caressing the torso of the wearer. It falls soft on the body and bright the body thanks to the fabulous wide skirt. Usually I do not like this kind of skirts but I must admit that it is really beautiful. Even if you are thin, you 'll be fine.

With this dress would wear a pair of beige heels. I love this pairing of colors and I'm convinced that go great with it. A pair of black shoes would not be suitable but many women like to combine black and pink. 

If you are undecided about accessories, you can find this dress also in red, dark navy, royal blue and pearl pink. 

Let's see my third choise:

This is a sexy deep v-neck strap print backless maxi dress-blue and its price is 30.49 $. Why I chose this dress? The reasons are mainly three. 

First reason: price. As soon as I saw this dress I could not believe my eyes. A dress so beautiful and with a very low price. Second reason is that the color blue. In this dress we have a predominance of blue tones and dell'azzuro. Anyone who knows me for some time know that I love this color. I would wear more clothes or blue shirts. Third reason is the neckline on the back. I find it really sexy!

You can find more  romantic floral prints maxi dresses in at this link: 

If you do not know which accessories match, I suggest you wear a pair of heels teal or purple. It is important to use the colors in this dress. I really like the shoes worn by the model! 

If you love floral paint, don't forget to visit the site for more romantic floral prints maxi dresses in

Which one do you prefer?
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