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Here are my Tbdress reviews

Hello friends , how are you? Today the sun is shining and I want to make a trip. One month ago me and my boyfriend celebrated the anniversary of our engagement in a restaurant. I wanted to spend a weekend out of town but I couldn't. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was working. Although we live together for many years, sometimes I want to be a little privacy with him. Who knows me knows that we live together but with other students and workers. Unfortunately in Milan rents of the houses are very high. So here we're sharing the apartment with 3 other people. Sometimes it's really hard. Stephen and I have found a compromise. We decided to do more weekend out of town.

We got engaged for 8 years but I love to dress sexy for him. I think in a relationship is absolutely crucial. For this reason, I discovered a fabulous website called Tbdress. Here every woman can become a sexy woman.

In this post I decided to choose some photo clothing wholesale sexy lingerie that I like the most. Let's start:

This is a black lace strap women's chemise and its price is $14.09. Chemise is increasingly popular in recent years with a variety of styles. Women love sling style and the lace fabric workmanship is very fine. Polyester material feels particularly comfortable. I am convinced that the material is really important because oftentimes sting or irritate the skin.

With such a lingerie, a woman should feel beautiful and it is vital that the material of the blouse is comfortable. This chemise is suitable for women with large breasts than to those with small breasts. The transparencies are really sexy and men can dream of.The black is perfect for every woman. This color is also suitable for women who have some extra kilogram . Vertical lines looks very unique and help to slim the body and make it sexy.

Here is my second choise:

This is a spandex women babydoll and its price is $ 23.39. This gorgeous item is a multi-fibre baby doll with halter-neck. It has gently waist-slimming back which is tied with a bow and the bust is held with embroidered stretch lace, whilst the skirt below flows in chiffon. The ensemble includes matching G-string.

The babydoll is the sexy garment par excellence. It makes the body of a woman so special and it leaves little to the imagination. I chose this one because I love the light blue color. I find that it makes the body light and sexy at the same time.

I love the decorations on the breast. The floral print makes this product really romantic. I am convinced that this is important. You can be sexy even with the light color on the babydoll. It is not essential to be naked to be sexy but it can also be dressed with something special.

Let's see my third choise:

This is a lace print V-neck short sleeve white lingerie gown and its price is $ 23.29. I 'm in love with this dress at the first sight. I love the fact that it is white and long. After a series of corsets and babydoll I decided to put even a dress. I'm sure that in this way I can gather support from all of you. Not all women love bodices, some of them think they are vulgar and so here's a dress to suit them.

This dress is a long way to the floor and therefore it is only suitable for women quite high. About me would be bad because I'm high 1.63 cm. I admit that I would love to wear it and I'm sure that with a pair of heels would be perfect. In these cases , the heels are great.

Obviously this dress is very transparent and so you need to choose a white underwear. I do not think that a pair of panties and bra blacks can be comfortable. Always remember that underwear is essential!

Follow this link for more women sexy lingerie for cheap:

 Which one do you prefer?
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