lunedì, marzo 9

Tonight I would to be a princess

Hi guys, how are you? Today I was in college and tomorrow I should start working. I can't wait because the store is so cute. The girls and the guys who work there are really nice! It's an opportunity to gain experience in this area.

This weekend will be my engagement anniversary. As you know, I love to buy stylish clothes but I'm still undecided. Many times I am afraid that a dress is too short or it is not suitable for me.

In this post I want to show you an amazing site called Bridalup:

Bridalup is really nice and there are many dresses. I love it because you can find:

- wedding dresses
- mothers
- events
- bridesmaid
- prom
- evening dresses
- cocktail dresses
- shoes
- accessories

Here you can buy a complete outfit with a low price. I think it's important to have a wide choise of clothes, accessories and shoes.

I know it's difficult to buy online, especially a dress. Bridalup has created a measurement guide. Check this pic for more info:

We strongly suggest you have your measurements taken first by a professional tailor or your friends by following the measure guide. Please do not measure over clothing except undergrments,which you will wear with this dress. According to the different dress style,approx.8cm-13cm (3.15inch-5.12inch) additional length will be reserved for making a good fit dress for you.

After this quick guide, I want to show you my favorite dresses. and I chose cheap evening dress at this link -->

At this time I have no money and I have to choose between cheap evening under 200. Babies let's go!

This is the first dress that I choose. Isn't it wonderful ? Every woman wants to wear it at least once in her life . It's a dream dress and it's perfect for fall in love. I would wear this dress for a special evening and perhaps for a first date.

I find that the lace is really sexy. Every man loves the transparencies on a dress. I think this is not vulgar and enhances the body of the wearer.

Not have to be skinny to be allowed to wear. This dress wraps the body and also gives sensuality to the legs.

Market price: $ 599.00
Bridalup price: 146.09 $
Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar days

This is my second choice:

I chose this dress for all those girls who like long dresses. I think every woman should have in her closet a dress like this one. Here we have a dress with a bare shoulder. I think the shoulder is so sexy in a woman. Do you agree with me?

The silver stripes on the breast gives brightness to the body. If you have some extra lbs don't worry. This dress will hide everything! The designer has chosen to combine silver and black.

As we all know, the black makes everything thin.

Now let's see the colors. Here we have only two colors: white and black . This dress can be matched with a pair of sandals. Do you chose black or white? Nothing prohibits you choose colorful accessories because the dress has a very simple line.

Market price: $ 569.00
Bridalup price: $ 142.59
This dress is 75% off

This is my third choise:

As soon as I saw this dress I fell for him. I love all the clothes with glitters and I had to add it in this post without duobts! I love the brightness of the top and I think it can be suitable for all girls. 

I would wear for an elegant party at the beach. I love it because it is short and leaves uncovered legs. The back has a long skirt which makes this dress special.

I would use a pair of sandals and a silver clutch of the same color. The model is wearing a pair of gold earrings. I think it's crucial match accessories and shoes .

Market price: $ 569.00
Bridalup price: $ 106.29
It is 85% off

Check this link for more evening dresses under 200: 

which is your favorite dress?
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