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Holiday dresses

Hello guys , today I'm happy. Finally the sun came out and it doesn't rain anymore. It's just begun the spring but when I see the sun I think of summer, holidays and colorful dresses. During the winter I wear only dark clothes. I always choose black, blue or brown. During the summer I love to dress in yellow, green and red. I love the clothes in bright colors , the floral pattern and fun. I do not match all these clothes together otherwise I'd look like a traffic light.

Today I want to show you a new interesting site. There are fabulous clothes and at an affordable price:

On this site you can find many clothes categorized:

- A-Line Wedding Dresses
- Mermaid Wedding Dresses
- Ball Gown Wedding Dresses
- Princess Wedding Dresses
- Vintage Wedding Dresses
- Simple Wedding Dresses


I love that you can find also accessories, earrings and necklaces. Every girl wants to be the beautiful and shining one, and we can help you to realize that. No matter you like it or not, holidays are coming soon so as the various parties, we need to start to pick the dreamy dresses here. Worth to say, the embellishments of is all hand sew and made by our professional masters. Cheap prices with nice quality dresses are the best we can offer you.

Buying clothes online is always difficult. This site has decided to create a guide to facilitate the purchase. Here is the guide:

In this post I have chosen for you my favorite holiday dresses:

This dress is for outdoor,cocktail and its style is vintage,fancy. The silhouette is sheath/column and the fabric is chiffon. The net weight is 1.7kg and the shipping weight is 2.2kg. 

As soon as I saw it I fell in love. The bodice is really special. I love bare shoulders, especially in the summer because I think they are one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body. The lace makes this dress very sensual. The pink makes it candid and very elegant. I would wear it for a marriage celebrated in the late afternoon.

I think it is suitable for both girls with fair skin than to those with a tanned skin. If you have fair skin I recommend you choose a pair of white earrings . If you have darker skin, I recommend a pair of pearl earrings beige. I've always loved this combination. I think it's really romantic .

Personally I find it suitable for tall girls at least 1.70 cm. If you are not very tall, like me, you can wear this dress with a pair of heels. It will probably be necessary to use a heel of 12 cm. Unfortunately I have difficulty walking with this type of shoes but I know that many women can do it. Also in this case, I would wear a pair of shoes beige. The dress is too romantic to wear a pair of dark color shoes!

Price: 139.99 $
This dress is 40% off
Free Shipping

Here is my second choise:

This dress is perfect for spring and summer. The silhouette is empire and as you can see the neckline is sweetheart and sleeveless. I love these two things! This one is tought for all those girls who want to be princesses. The bodice shines and it makes the bust bright. This dress is entered in the category "Holiday dresses" but I would wear to my wedding.

It's a simple dress with a long-cut but really nice. I think it isn't flashy and I see it perfect for those who want to feel special. The skirt is really wide. Probably you will have to raise it to be able to walk. It would be nice to wear this dress and down stairs. I think it's really complicated and the risk of falling is around the corner.

What kind of earring would you wear? I would choose a pair of long earrings. I think they're perfect with wavy hair. I love the earrings you can see in the pic. They are really romantic and elegant. This thing is important for me.

The model has no necklace but I would have worn it. I think it is important in this outfit. A short necklace would be perfect. Obviously necklace and earrings must be matched with each other. The only way is to buy a set of jewels.

Price: 125.99 $
This dress is 40% off
Free shipping

Here is my third choise:

You can wear this dress in spring and in summer because you have the open back. I do not recommend to use a shawl because it would be damaging to the dress. It is so nice that it must be visible in all its glory.

Here we have a sweetheart neckline. It's so nice, romantic and sexy. In this case it is important to have beautiful and big breasts. This makes me laugh but we all know that the corsets tend to squeeze the breast. The fabric of this dress is organza, my favorite material.

I chose this dress for two reasons. The first is that I love the blue and light blue in all their shades. These colors make me think of the sky and freedom.The second reason is that I liked the decorations on the bodice. As soon as I saw it I was reminded of the dress of a mermaid. The bodice is very narrow and makes the body's woman so sexy.

In this case , it is essential that the girl wearing it is lean. The skirt is made of organza. This material makes it the perfect dress for a ceremony. If I was a bridesmaid I would wear it. I love it!

Price: 186.99 $
This dress is 40% off
Free Shipping

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