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Fashion wedding dresses 2015

Hello friends, today is my day off and I have time to post on the blog. For about three weeks I started working in a shoe store and I am really very happy.The atmosphere is nice and I'm learning so many things. This morning I published a post about the bridesmaid dresses. Now I want to show you some wedding dresses suitable to the bride. It 's always difficult to buy a dress, especially for the bride. It must be the perfect dress, the dress should be amazing. If the bride doesn't cry, it isn't the right dress. This is what the TV programs on Real Time teach but I think that this thing corresponds to the truth.

Surfing the web, I found a site really interesting and full of wedding dresses. As soon as you open the homepage you will be overwhelmed by so many beautiful clothes. The link where you can find it is

The factory was founded in 2010,located in Suzhou,China. They focus on producing gorgeous wedding dresses,ball gowns and other garments professionally.They have the best designers and experienced dressmakers. The Work Flow Management System(WFMS)is fully applied to make sure the good quality of our dresses efficiently.

  1. High-quality Fabric all over: using high-grade 395 satin includes imported fabric.395 satin has soft touch thick texture and beautiful gloss. It is heavier than any other type of satins
  2. Modern Tailoring: modern tridimensional cutting is fully adopted. The dressmaker will cut out a preliminary cloth pattern of dress directly off the mannequin. After a series of professional progress and adjustment,the clothpattern would be transformed into a more accurate paper pattern.Then the wedding dress will be tailored based on this
  3. Magical Fish Bones: the dresses are made with 4-7 high-density fish-bones,firm and elastic with perfectly fixing-effect which hold the body up straight and create a flattering shape. Besides,the fish bones would be almost invisible because of an evenly sewing technique. Security band are attached on the back to avoid uncomfortable awkwardness. Poor-quality wedding dress is roughly made with no fish bones which has no shape and looks cheap
  4. Perfect Lining: skin-friendly cloth is lined in the skirt by 0.08-0.15cm evenly consistent needle code.Totally-enclosed overlock looks clean and elegant. The border of poor-quality dress' skirt has no lining inside,simple overlock with loose stitching,easily get worn out
  5. Exquisite Zipper: in-built zipper needs lots of complicated works,but looks great and feels nice.All using YKK zipper imported from Japan. On poor dress,the zipper is ungainly exposed,and they use cheap zippers on the bodice.

At 8WDSHOP.CO.UK, delivering smile is the core value of our service. It means to deliver an attitude of optimism and positivity, a spirit of enthusiasm and passion, a service of sweet (comfort) and warm. They expect every staff to deliver smile internally and externally, it is a good way to build trust and result in word of mouth. They expect to receive your smile by viewing through webpages; a comfort chatting with our customer service staff; when opening the box; or even feel of ease and convenience if you like to return or exchange the item.

In this pic you can find the measure guide:

The below is only a guide. It is highly recommend that you get a qualified seamstress to measure your dress size as possible as you can. You'd better get someone else to measure for you because of the inaccuracy of self-measuring. Measuring method with undergarments is similar to those you will wear with your dress. According to the different dress style,approx.8cm-13cm (3.15inch-5.12inch) additional length will be reserved for making a good fit dress for you. please keep in mind do not measure over other clothing.

Now we are ready to see my favorite discount wedding dresses:

This is the first dress I chose. I admit to being fascinated by the beach behind the model. In fact I would love to be able to organize my wedding on the beach. I think it's really romantic and special. Have you even seen a beach weddings in the movies? I would like it! For this kind of marriage is essential to have a dress with not too wide skirt. The wedding dress is worn only once but I wont make it dirty wet sand. The dress in the pic has a straight skirt. I love it! This dress is a built-in bra. I finally found a dress with it!

The straps are thin and they are perfect for all those women with nice arms. If you have chubby arms I would not advise you to wear this dress because the leaves them uncovered. If you want to wear it at all costs, wear a shawl so that cover your arms.

With this dress I wear a pair of diamond earrings. I think that the accessories are important for a bride and it is important to have a set of jewels. The necklace is not suitable for this dress because there are epaulets. I would wear only a beautiful bracelet, preferably in silver. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like the gold color.

Price: 144.88 €

Let's see my second choise:

This dress has attracted attention from the beginning. I was fascinated by the bodice. I find it really nice and bright. It seems studded with diamonds. I love this kind of dress. It seems like a dress of dreams and it seems like to a Barbie dress.

The skirt is very wide and bulky. I do not find suitable if you have to go down the stairs even though I am convinced that this dress makes a lot of scene. It's very flashy! Many women love this kind of clothes because they want to be the most beautiful of the party. Personally I don't like it and I prefer a more sober look, also in the day of my wedding.

I would wear this dress with a pair of white sandals. I want to be sincere. The skirt is so wide that the shoes will not be visible. Obviously it's a wedding and we have to be at the top. The shoes are important and I choose a pair of open sandals, cute but simple.

Price: 216.43 €

My last choise is:

This dress fascinated me because it made ​​all of lace. I love this material and I think it's really romantic. Personally I have many t -shirt with lace and so I decided to put this dress in my blogpost.

The cut of this dress is straight and it might be suitable for a wedding held during the summer. The perfect months are May or September. I would like to get married in one of these months because the sky is clear but the temperatures are not too high. This dress is lightweight and therefore perfect for the period I have indicated. This is the perfect dress for me because it's sexy but elegant at the same time. I think it isn't transparent. If for some reason it had to be trasparent, I' ll change immediately idea! In a wedding is not allowed to have a transparent dress because I think it's vulgar.

The sandals wearing the model are really cute. I think I would do the same choice. The dress is very decorated to have a pair of shoes eccentric!

Price: 128.75 €

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