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A fairytale wedding

Hi friends, March is the month of weddings and a lot of women are looking for the perfect dress. Research is always difficult because it is the most important moment of our life. The dress must be absolutely perfect! It should please the bride but also to relatives. Not always the mother or mother-in-law are convinced. It's important that everyone is happy. Often the bride has to make compromises. Today I want to show you an interesting site called WeddingShe. At this link there are many beautiful dresses:

This is one of my favorite site because it is simple to use and you can find:

- wedding dresses
- wedding party dresses
- special occasion dresses
- accessories
- shoes

Each costumer can shop by category, venus, style, fabric, silhouette and color. I love this kind of separation because I think it's very easy use this site. 

In this post I want to show you my favorite wedding dresses 2015. Let's start!

As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love and I saved the photo on my PC. This is what I'd wear to my wedding. The bodice is beautiful and very elegant. I love the straps and I find that make this dress really special.

Having a slim body I'm always looking for a dress that enhances me. This one could do for me. I find it more suitable for those women with a slender body. I don't think it is appropriate for a curvy woman.

As accessories I would wear a pair of pearl earrings silver. I think it's important to match the dress with silver accessories. I like to keep the same color. I don't think it is necessary to dare the wedding day. For this we have the whole life. I choose something simple and slightly eccentric.

Market price: $ 418.00
Bridalup price: $ 143.29
The earliest arrival date is March 19, 2015 if order placed today

This is my second choise:

When I saw this dress I fell in love the skirt. I find that the cut is really unique. I love it because it's big but short. If I could choose I match the bodice of the first dress and the skirt of this dress. I think you have understood my taste.

On the one hand I love the simplicity but on the other I love to have a particular dress.

In this dress I would have put a simpler bodice. The skirt is very special and I'm not crazy with this one. Some of you probably will not agree. On the one hand I understand you because the day of our marriage has to be special and the dress has to be unique!

Market price: $ 360.00
Bridalup price: $ 149.99
The earliest arrival date is March 20, 2015 if order placed today

This is my last choise:

This is the classic princess dress. It is the dress of the dreams. Many of us have played with dolls and Barbie. She always had a wedding dress.

If I had to describe a wedding dress, I would describe this dress. This should have an adherent bodice and a wide skirt. Probably it would not have the lace but I think this material gifts to the dress something special. I grew up in this way and with this idea.

Market price: $ 668.00
Bridalup price: $ 329.99
The earliest arrival date is March 19 , 2015 if order placed today

This dress is the most expensive I chose. The quality is exclusive but if you want to spend less take a look at this link for discount wedding dresses

Which is your favorite dress?
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