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I believe in pink and many other colors

Hello friends, how are you? Here is very cold and I did not want to go out shopping. I decided to take a look at the online sites of clothing. Today I discovered a fabulous new website. You have to save immediately as a favorite site. I'm talking about Miss Dress Shop:

On this site you can find a serie of amazing and colourful dresses which are divided in styles&trend, popular colors and popular city. The main colors are:

- Black Dresses
- Blue Dresses
- Red Dresses
- White Dresses

If you've never bought online you can use this guide:
This dress size chart is very useful for all those girls that think that buy online is difficult! In this post I want to show you some amazing dresses. Today I chose some Prom Dress 2015 that impressed me.

Let's start with a light pink dress:

It is a sweetheart and short mini dress. I chose this dress because I think that every girl should have it in the closet. Have you ever seen the dances of the American school? I would have worn this dress . It's short, sexy and pink as I want! Maybe it's a little too pink but with a nice makeup I'm sure that I would be fine.

Price: 108.41 €
This dress is 54% off!

The neckline is really perfect and give light to the breast. I love the decorations on the bodice. I would match this dress with a pair of silver sandals.

Let's see my second dress:

Here is an empire style dress. Isn't it beautiful? When I wear this dress? Probably I would wear to a wedding in an ancient villa. I find it perfect for an evening ceremony. I know you use dark colors but I think that this color is perfect.

Price: 114.43 €
This dress is 51% off

I love the cut of this dress and its style. The bodice is really bright and makes special every woman! The intertwining of the straps on the back is fabulous. It's really sexy and elegant. You can find this dress also in white, black and blue chiffon. This last color is really amazing! See this pic:

The skirt is wide and really beautiful. I think it's important to wear a pair of shoes with high heels so that the dress does not touch the ground. This dress reminds me a mermaid.

Let's see my third choise:

It is an asymmetrical organzadress. I think this dress is perfect for all those girls who love the asymmetry. This dress has a single shoulder strap. I find that gifts sensuality to the shoulders. It is perfect for a fun dinner with friends. I see well to celebrate the eighteenth birthday !

Price:  89.14 €
This dress is 54% off

This dress is very narrow, so you need haven't an ounce of fat. Luckily I don't have such problems! I would love to wear it! A pair of earrings in shades of silver would be perfect. On my eyes I would use a smokey eyes of the same color. On the lips lipgloss put a very bright but neutral.

Don't forget to visit Miss Dress Shop for more dresses!

Which is your favorite dress?
A kiss for you!